With a call tracking online platform, call centers can improve performance, assess effectiveness, and boost productivity.

Call optimisation
Analyze conversations
High-end analytics
Train your staff
Easy scaling
Improve the performance


Use the analytical data to improve the performance of a call center.

Allocate Calls
Allocate Calls

To distribute the workload among the agents fairly and reduce the amount of time callers may wait on hold, set several destinations for incoming calls.

Enter international markets
Enter International Markets

Dialics offers virtual numbers in 50 countries. Make sure you are familiar with national regulations on call tracking and grow your business.

Acquire real-time analytics
Acquire Real-Time Analytics

Receive instant analytical data with every inbound call. It will show information about the duration of the call and the location of the caller.


Interractive Voice Response

A well-designed IVR system solves most of the issues connected with the performance of the call center.

First, an IVR assists in directing callers to the required departments, ensuring a shorter waiting time.

Second, it allows agents to automate routine processes and get ready for calls.

Third, providing callers with an option to choose the language opens up opportunities for international expansion.

A well-designed IVR menu adds to the general positive user experience, which is crucial in building customer loyalty.

Interractive Voice Response
Interractive Voice Response
Call Whisper

Call whisper is a brief informational message that the caller is not aware of but that is heard by the agent. It usually contains information about the location of the caller and the ad that generated the call.

When a call center deals with several advertisements, knowing which of the ads drew a caller's attention and what sort of service they were seeking is extremely helpful to the operators. Whisper calls promote call center productivity and increase lead conversion.

Dynamic Number Insertion (DNI)

DNI is the process of including a short code into the settings of online advertisements. As a result, when a person makes a call, the system labels it with a unique number, and the analytical data shows the whole browsing history of this particular lead.

The DNI system allows call centers to assign operators to calls from specific locations or countries. It is also possible to select operators dealing with particular campaigns, allocating the workload among the staff thereby.

Dynamic Number Insertion (DNI)


  • Why is it important to track calls in call centers?

    Tracking calls optimizes the processes of the call center. Routing calls and setting several destinations for the inbound calls allow agents to be prepared for any special requirement and not to miss a single call. As a consequence, call centers become much more productive while spending less money.

  • How can I maximize team productivity?

    IVR assigns the calls to the appropriate agents, automating routine processes. Whisper messages provide agents with helpful information about the callers. Analytical data reflects the peak hours, allowing relevant resource allocation and better customer service.

  • How quickly can I get set up?

    The software does not imply downloading. Users register an account online and immediately start exploiting the functionality. The setup is fast and intuitive. The software is integrated with corporate systems of any complexity, adding additional features and possibilities for growth and improvement.

  • Is Dialics secure?

    Depending on the industry, call centers occasionally handle sensitive information. The success factor is the clients’ trust. The data is safeguarded and stored securely in the account of Dialics. The Dialics platform is TRUSTe and Privacy Shield certified. SAML and two-factor authentication are both supported by Dialics.

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