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  • Why choose Dialics for call tracking in Australia?

    Dialics is able to improve your marketing performance. It offers real-time, transparent analytics that are easy to use. The analytics show the duration of the call, the destination, and the status. Besides, it is possible to track duplicate calls and block spam, ensuring your commission is fair and clear. Other benefits of Dialics include responsive technical staff and reasonable pricing tariffs. Dialics allows users to automate a portion of their routine activities through call routing and IVR.

  • How is call tracking beneficial for any business?

    Any business seeks cheap and quality leads to bring them to conversions and further through the marketing funnel. Call tracking provides businesses with clear analytical data on their ongoing ad campaigns. Call tracking analytics demonstrate the number of leads, the price for them, the outcome of each call, etc. The account on the call tracking platform allows users to optimize campaigns, leading to better results from their marketing strategy and a safe marketing budget.