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  • How can call tracking help my business in Croatia?

    Any business is looking for a tool to be able to improve their marketing strategy and get more profit. Call tracking software is a perfect assistant in that process. Call tracking helps to increase conversions, monitor your marketing expenses, and identify the most effective traffic sources. The ability to record calls may be used to teach the personnel using real-world scenarios. You may define working hours and schedules to better arrange your routine company operations thanks to IVR and automated routing. Call centers, businesses of all kinds, as well as lone affiliates and marketers, may all benefit from call tracking software.

  • Is it legal to track calls in Croatia?

    Depending on the industry, call centers and enterprises occasionally handle sensitive information. Every country has its own particular laws in this regard. A success factor is the customer’s confidence. Therefore, it would be preferable to investigate rules and regulations addressing the concerns of recording and monitoring calls before dealing with call tracking software. On the Dialics platform, the data is safeguarded and stored in the account securely. Dialics has received TRUSTe and Privacy Shield certification. SAML and two-factor authentication are both supported by Dialics. As a result, you can be confident that your data will not get into the wrong hands.

  • How to set up Dialics?

    A few minutes are all that it takes to set up an online account. After that, you may take advantage of a free, seven-day trial with all features available. Before starting the process, you can ask for a demo to check out the potential of Dialics. Please let our technical staff guide you around.