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Use Dialics to track online and offline customer interactions in one place, giving you a complete view of your marketing efforts.

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  • How does call tracking in Hong Kong work?

    In all countries, work is founded on the same principles. You register an account at You choose the type of number you want to work with (local, mobile, toll-free, international). You assign a phone number to the ad banners, landing pages, and other forms of online advertising. You examine the information offered by the analytics of the initial inbound calls and, if required, make changes to your campaigns.

  • What features can I use with Dialics?

    Besides Pay Per Call with instant analytics and the possibility to expand the business to over 50 countries, you can enjoy a number of additional useful features. Call recording allows you to refer back to the conversations with your leads at any time, study the keywords they use, train your staff, and improve your sales as a result. Spam filtering allows you to avoid budget overflows by blocking fraudulent and robocalls. Routing defines how call flows are redirected. You set up scheduling, restrictions, and advanced filters for routing. You have more time to spend with your family and friends now that all of the processes are automated. You can also choose between an IVR tree and automatic routing where calls will be redirected to. It implies that your consumers will get an automatic response and the option to leave a call request even if they call outside of your company’s working hours, which will improve your general conversion to leads.

  • What payment services do you support?

    Dialics supports the Stripe payment system.