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  • How does call tracking in Japan work?

    Dialics makes sure call tracking in Japan operates effectively and provides company owners with important data on their marketing campaigns. Local, mobile, and tool-free virtual phone numbers are available from Dialics in Japan. A marketing department or lone advertiser provides a virtual phone number for each of the offline or online advertising. As soon as leads start calling, analytical data is updated in the online Dialics account. This data includes information on the caller, the advertisement that prompted the call, the cost per lead, etc. Marketers and advertisers utilize this information to launch new campaigns, enhance current ads, make financial savings, or boost investment. Call monitoring in Japan provides businesses with in-depth information on the success of their marketing initiatives.

  • What features does Dialics have?

    Dialics provides users with real-time analytics regarding their marketing campaigns. With the help of the analytical data, they can optimize their advertisements and make them more effective. With Dialics, it is possible to set call routing and interactive voice response, which leads to higher customer satisfaction and conversion rates. Besides, Dialics allows advertisers to expand their business network by adding affiliates and agents to the account and monitoring their progress. International virtual phone numbers enable users to expand globally and seem closer to target markets.

  • Is it safe to buy subscriptions on your website?

    It surely is. Dialics supports the Stripe system. It guarantees secure payments across the globe. Besides, Dialics cares about its customers’ data security. All the calls are safeguarded and stored securely in the account of Dialics. The Dialics platform is TRUSTe and Privacy Shield certified. SAML and two-factor authentication are both supported by Dialics. No third party is accessed to the online call logs.