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  • How does call tracking in Lithuania work?

    Dialics ensures that call tracking in Lithuania runs properly and gives business owners useful information about their marketing initiatives. Dialics in Lithuania offers virtual phone numbers that are local, mobile, and tool-free. For each of the offline or online advertisements, a marketing division or lone advertiser gives a virtual phone number. Analytical information is updated in the online Dialics account as soon as leads begin phoning. This information includes information on the caller, the advertisement that led to the call, the cost per lead, etc. This information is used by marketers and advertisers to roll out new ads, improve current advertisements, save money, or increase investment. Call monitoring in Lithuania gives companies detailed data on the effectiveness of their marketing strategies.

  • What features does Dialics have?

    Users may get real-time analytics for their marketing efforts with Dialics. They may improve and increase the effectiveness of their adverts with the aid of the analytical data. Dialics makes it possible to configure interactive voice response and call routing, which increases customer happiness and conversion rates. Additionally, by adding affiliates and agents to the account and keeping tabs on their performance, Dialics enables marketers to grow their business networks. Users may grow internationally and appear more connected to their target markets thanks to international virtual phone numbers.

  • Is it safe to buy a subscription on your website?

    It certainly is. Stripe is supported by Dialics. It ensures safe transactions anywhere. In addition, Dialics is concerned about the privacy of its clients. All calls are protected and kept safely in the account of Dialics. The Dialics platform is TRUSTe and Privacy Shield certified. SAML and two-factor authentication are both supported by Dialics. No third party accesses the online call logs.