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  • How does call tracking in Luxembourg work?

    According to your marketing plan, you must run a number of advertising campaigns as a business owner. You may use Dialics to facilitate the process of monitoring their performance. Dialics offers local, mobile, and tool-free virtual phone numbers in Luxembourg. After your advertisers select the necessary types, they assign a number to each of the offline or online ads. Analytical information is displayed in the online Dialics account as soon as leads begin calling. The marketing division may use the data to improve current efforts, start new ones, or stop working on old ones. As a result, call monitoring gives your company clear information about the effectiveness of your marketing initiatives.

  • How does the free trial work?

    A free trial period is available for seven days. There are no restrictions on the functionality. You have an opportunity to explore all the features of Dialics for $10. You can try setting up a campaign, adding vendors, calling a number, and studying the analytical data in the call log. After thorough analysis, you can become our loyal customer.

  • Is this a secure site for purchases?

    Dialics supports the Stripe. It guarantees secure payments across the globe. As for the data security, it is safeguarded and stored securely in the account of Dialics. The Dialics platform is TRUSTe and Privacy Shield certified. SAML and two-factor authentication are both supported by Dialics.