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  • How does call tracking work?

    Call tracking is set according to the same rules and principles in any country where Dialics provides its users with virtual phone numbers. First, a user registers an online account at After the registration process, a user becomes the manager of the account. The manager purchases virtual phone numbers of preferred types (local, mobile, toll-free, international) and pays for the minutes of calls. The manager sets the advertising campaigns and assigns all of them a phone number. Also, the manager can add vendors and buyers to the account and specify destinations for the calls. As soon as the first calls are generated, the manager receives analytic data regarding the location of the caller, the duration of the call, the status of the call, etc.

  • What features can I use with Dialics?

    Dialics offers its users the following features: instant analytics about the inbound calls; the ability to set up and monitor pay-per-call campaigns on a website and landing pages; the IVR menu design, which allows calls to be directed to competent experts in no time, as well as the option to select a language and to leave a request for a call back if the line is busy. Call recordings allow users to get back to calls at any time, assess the performance of the staff, and resolve disputes.

  • How do I set up call tracking software?

    All you have to do is register online. A free trial period allows you to explore the functionality without limits. Our technical team is always there to show you around. However, the interface is very intuitive and clear.