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ARR - Annual Recurring Revenue

ARR indicates the amount of money received from a subscription each year. For instance, if a customer signed up to use your software for two years and paid $10,000, the ARR would be $5,000. To calculate ARR, you need to add the dollar amount of all subscriptions to the revenue connected to installation and other support services and subtract the cancellations. If a monthly value is required, the result should be divided by 12.

ARR = total yearly subscriptions + support revenue - canceled subscriptions

ARR is an important metric for a business as it helps to assess current progress and plan for the future. The number of subscriptions to your business shows the level of customers’ loyalty and satisfaction and allows for future predictions and budget allocations. Additionally, this parameter emphasizes the need for process optimization, team expansion, and staff training. Future sales can be predicted by businesses. Businesses can see the percentage of the clients that terminated subscriptions. They can provide investors with clear revenue reports. Such analytical data makes the business sustainable and reliable for investors, new employees, and clients.

ARR should be calculated and reviewed regularly by businesses that sign yearly contracts with their clients. Call tracking software is one such business model. A monthly recurring revenue model also exists for companies offering a monthly subscription. The ARR for call tracking indicates the commercial success of the project. Supplemented with customer feedback, providers can think of areas to improve their product. Probably, there is a need to add advanced functionality; technical support should enhance soft skills; or marketers should think of after-sales services and bonuses to retain clients.

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