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Best 5 Call Tracking Tips for Real Estate

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April 9, 2024

Disclaimer: Call monitoring software can help real estate agents identify high-quality leads and target comparable audiences more successfully.

The real estate business is all about persistence and patience. A new property is not an impulse buy. People tend to look for a suitable option for a long time, exploring websites and talking to several realtors. Thus, agents have to demonstrate perfect soft skills and avoid being overly pushy.

Call tracking software contains benefits for real estate agencies in the step of finding high-quality leads. Assigning the website pages, Google ads, and bandit signs with a virtual phone number will provide potential property buyers with an easy opportunity to contact you, and you will get valuable data in your call tracking account about the best leads. Here are some ideas on how call tracking can be used by real estate agencies.

Dynamic number insertion (DNI)

DNI is the process of attaching a short JavaScript code to your online advertising campaigns. As a result of that, each caller will have a unique identifying number. As a manager of the call tracking account, you can trace the whole browsing history of that caller starting from the first Google request. The process may interfere with the local SEO, as we have discussed in our blog. However, if you are just starting your business, you can use it for some time to better understand your clients and see what they are looking for first hand. When you have insights about the target market, you can turn to static call tracking and concentrate on organic traffic.

Interactive voice response (IVR)

You can read about the ideas for a well-designed IVR menu in this post. Some may think that IVR works well for huge corporations with many departments to allow customers to reach an expert faster. However, IVR holds benefits for smaller businesses as well. First, you may allocate agents to answer calls according to the regions they deal with. In this situation, they will be prepared for each call and be capable of a competent answer. Second, you can add an option of a call-back, therefore dealing with the problem of calls outside your business hours. If there are only a couple of employees in your office, they will be able to plan their workload conveniently, process calls, and show property if it is needed.

Analytical data

The main and obvious benefit of any call tracking system is the analytical data received with inbound calls. Dialics provides users with the following information about received calls:

  • length of a call
  • location of the caller
  • keywords requested in the browser
  • status of the call
  • the name of the agent who received a call
  • call recording
  • price for the call

By exploring this information, you can understand the peak hours for calls, see missed calls, disregard spam, and monitor the amount of money spent. If you see that an ad does not generate leads, you can optimize it or switch it off in a couple of clicks. Besides, the call log allows you to complete a customer profile. The more you know your customer, the sooner you can provide them with quality service.

Staff training

This option may be more relevant for a bigger real estate company with many employees involved. You can listen to the recordings of conversations, assess your agents’ performance on the phone, and arrange for soft skills training for them if necessary. However, make sure you are familiar with call recording regulations in your country. The rules regarding recording sensitive information may be strict. In most countries, however, it is enough just to notify a caller that the conversation will be recorded.

Seamless integration

Dialics does not require downloading or complicated installing. You just register an account online and start using the functionality. Therefore, Dialics easily fits any corporate system, is able to complement an existing CRM system, or be used independently. In any case, your real estate agency will get positive outcomes.


The real estate business is a challenging domain. It is not easy to find clients and it is especially important to provide them with high-quality service to contribute to the reputation and benefit from word-of-mouth advertising. Call tracking may become a helpful assistant in the process of monitoring marketing budget and attracting more leads. If you are considering the option of call tracking software for your real estate agency, please contact our team. We will be pleased to show you around and dispel any doubts.

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