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The Necessity of Call Tracking for Dental Practices

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April 9, 2024

Disclaimer: Look for a suitable call tracking provider to know how to widen the dental practice and receive more profit.

When it comes to health-related issues, we prefer to carefully select an expert. Patients pick up the phone and call to schedule an appointment after conducting a thorough web search and reading customer reviews. If a business is exploiting call tracking software, this call will reveal valuable information about the progress of a current advertising campaign. As a result, your clinic gets a lead and your marketing specialist gets food for thought regarding the further advertising strategy. In the previous post, we discussed the importance of a call tracking system for any healthcare institution. In this article, we will focus on dental practice.

How does call tracking work in a dental practice?

Call tracking software is usually rather easy to learn and implement. There are certain types of virtual phone numbers offered to users. After creating your landing pages, banners, ads on popular listings, or printed posters and leaflets, you assign a virtual phone number to each of them. You start the campaigns and wait for the first call. As soon as a potential patient dials your number, the call log of your online account automatically updates with the analytical data.

The analytics of the inbound calls show:

  • ad that generated the call
  • location of the caller
  • caller’s route from typing the keyword in the search and through the pages of your website
  • cost of each call
  • duration of the call

Additionally, the call recording is stored safely in the account together with information on which of the agents answered the call if you specified several destinations for your campaigns.

Analyzing the information, marketing specialists can think of further steps in the process of improving ad campaigns. They will know the most productive traffic channel and how much of the budget is spent on the lead generation process. It will probably be wise to switch off a couple of ads and stick to the most effective ones. Analytics is a priceless source of insights for an advertiser that can be used to enhance the business.

What are the main benefits of using call tracking for dentists?

If you run a small dental office, you probably have just a few people to help you with all the administrative work. In this case, call tracking is a handy assistant, as it deals with your marketing strategy and does not require a paycheck each month. If you own a big dental clinic, call tracking will serve as a convenient tool for improving performance and attracting more of the target audience.

The benefits of call tracking are the following:

  1. Monitoring the marketing budget: The expenses per lead are included in the analytical data. As a consequence, you can observe how much money you spend on advertising and determine if you can cut costs or, conversely, whether it is better to invest more money in order to achieve better results.
  2. Improving customer service: Exploiting call tracking software enables your business to set an IVR menu or allocate several destinations. Therefore, your patients will be quickly connected to experts and will not be disappointed with long on-hold periods or missed calls. IVR that is multilingual improves customer satisfaction while increasing your chances of attracting patients from other countries.
  3. Creating a detailed customer profile: A customer journey map reveals many details about your target audience. The keywords they type in the search bar can be used in the ads and banners to shorten the process of finding your services for them. Their location and the requests they make on the phone speak volumes about their expectations of your services. Thus, you'll have a better idea of how and where to target relevant consumers.
  4. Assessing the effectiveness of the staff: Listening to call recordings allows you to deal with controversial situations and see how your staff copes with their duties. You may use the recordings of the calls as real-case studies in the training sessions to improve the soft skills of the employees. Please note call recording policies vary depending on the country. Make sure the procedure is set up in accordance with the law, as clients may reveal sensitive information over the phone. Call tracking providers have to own security certificates to guarantee the confidentiality of the information.
  5. Building your brand: Smart usage of the call tracking system leads to gradual improvements in the business processes as well as customer satisfaction. If you demonstrate competence and care, your brand name will be well-known and appreciated.

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How to use call tracking for your dental practice's calls?

The setting of the call tracking platform is usually rather intuitive. If any difficulties arise, you can always consult the support team or turn to video tutorials on Youtube. There are plenty of options.

However, the most interesting process is analyzing the results of current advertising campaigns. Your leads start calling you. You get some data about the calls in the call log. But what is next? How should you interpret the results and apply the insights? Here is what you should take into consideration in the analytical data:

  • The number of calls from each advertisement. This data will show you the most productive traffic source. At the same time, you will trace the campaigns that generate just a few calls and might decide to switch them off.
  • The number of missed calls. This is a very important metric. It shows your missed opportunities. To make the indicator smaller, you may think of implementing an IVR or automated routing and providing callers with an opportunity to request a call back. Arranging training for the staff may be helpful. Especially if you find that your agents aren't skilled enough after listening to the call records.
  • The average call time. If a person asks many questions, it means they are interested in the service. Such leads are easily converted. You may turn back to them later with some special offers or a bonus for the next regular check-up. Therefore, your clients will be steadily conducted through the marketing funnel.
  • The location of the calls. If you notice that most of your patients are from the same city area, you may think of enhancing your marketing effort there by placing some offline ads, offering a special family service, or even planning some dental hygiene-related events for children to build brand awareness.
  • The peak hours of the day and the peak days of the week. This information will help you to arrange the working schedule for the staff conveniently. To manage hectic hours, you could choose to recruit part-time workers.

If you have just started your journey in call tracking, you will probably want to take a look at the analytical data every day. With some experience gained, you will not lose so much time trying to understand how your ad campaigns are performing. We recommend a regular check-up on the results each month after all the processes are more or less settled, you know your best performing channels, and the profile of a typical client is learnt by heart. However, if the rate of missed calls bothers you, monitor this metric daily and think of possible solutions.

Why choose Dialics to track calls?

Dialics call tracking software is a useful tool with an intuitive interface and sufficient functionality for monitoring your marketing success. The features of the solution include:

  • real-time analytics
  • automated routing and IVR
  • call recording
  • pay per call
  • customizable settings of the campaigns

A free trial period is seven days with no restrictions on functionality. In other words, you will have $10 and 7 days to test all the features and make a thorough decision.


If you have any doubts regarding the possibilities of Dialics for your dental practice, request a demo of our product. Our technical team is available on live chat and via email. Please do not hesitate to contact us.

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