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The Importance of Сall Tracking for Healthcare Organizations

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April 9, 2024

Disclaimer: Call tracking solutions provide healthcare businesses with loyal and satisfied clientele and improve their marketing strategies.

In the world of complete digitalization, there is still some space for real human interaction. When it comes to health issues, people prefer to talk to experts and discuss the things that bother them face-to-face. That is why, after thorough online research concerning the available and most recommended clinics and doctors in the area, patients tend to grab the phone and physically make a call to schedule an appointment. Therefore, healthcare organizations can benefit from exploiting a call tracking system as they will be able to monitor the inbound calls, keep track of the potential customers, and improve their marketing campaigns by tailoring them to the needs of their target audience.

What is call tracking?

Call tracking for healthcare organizations is a method of monitoring current advertising campaigns and improving their performance in real time. Call tracking is successfully used by various types of businesses and enterprises. The choice of tracking platforms available on the market today includes solutions of different functionality and price range. Though the tools may target different audiences and deal with some specific requirements, the general principles of call tracking are the same.

How does call tracking work?

Call tracking providers offer users virtual phone numbers of different types for rent. Those types may include local, mobile, toll-free, international, etc. When the marketing department of a healthcare provider designs advertising campaigns, they assign those phone numbers to the ads. The ads may include online banners, landing pages, “Call Now” ads on social media, as well as street signs, billboards, printed fliers, and so on. When a potential client dials any of those phone numbers, the analytical data is immediately sent to the online account of the call tracking system. This data includes the following details:

  • the location of the call
  • the duration of the call
  • the ad that generated the call
  • call recording
  • the outcome of the call
  • the cost of the call

Analyzing the above-mentioned information empowers marketers with valuable insights regarding their advertising strategy.

Why is call tracking important for healthcare providers?

Marketing managers can optimize the ongoing campaigns, change the wording, for instance, or add more keywords; decide to invest more in a productive traffic channel and dismiss the unproductive one. All those measures will result in more leads and higher conversion rates for a healthcare provider.

  1. Better performance: When you see which of the traffic channels performs best, you opt to focus on it and get rid of unproductive campaigns. The more leads are generated, the more conversions your organization has. Therefore, patients bring their money to you, and the business appears more profitable.Call tracking allows healthcare providers to assess the number of people interested in their services and understand the reasons for further processes. Probably, there is a need to arrange soft skills training for the staff to teach them how to deal with the leads on the phone. The call recording feature provides managers with real-life case scenarios for the discussion.
  2. Satisfied customers: Patients on the phone are generally looking for fast and competent assistance. Nobody will appreciate long on-hold periods even while listening to soothing classical music. Call tracking platforms provide companies with the possibility to design an IVR menu. First, it allows callers to reach a required expert simply by pressing an appropriate button on the phone. Second, if you cater to international patients, you can provide them with a convenient choice of the language on the phone. Third, if the lines and responding agents are too busy, you can offer a call back and get in touch with your leads later. Therefore, you will be sure not a single lead is missed and people on the phone do not turn into irate customers.
  3. High reviews: Happy customers tend to recommend their experience to others. Your medical organization may offer some incentives for sharing their feedback on popular review platforms. It may be a free check-up or some family bonus, etc. Let more people be aware of your company through the reviews of your patients.IVR Design
  4. Motivated staff: Convenient working conditions make your organization attractive to qualified employees. The call routing feature of the call tracking software enables marketers to set the working hours for the experts. Therefore, your top doctors will be able to provide patients with phone consultations when it is most convenient for them. Also, call routing allows marketers to set destinations for the calls and connect callers with the required department, e.g., laboratory, receptionist, X-ray, etc.
  5. Safe budgets: If your marketers know which of the ad campaigns are the most profitable, they will also be aware of how much of the budget is spent. Consequently, you avoid the situation of investing money in a campaign that fails to generate the required number of leads. The analytics in the call log are transparent and reflect all the expenses. It can be downloaded in the Excel format and shared with the board if necessary.
  6. Brand image: Positive customer feedback, modern and interactive websites, as well as elaborate advertising campaigns, and pleasant interaction with the staff members all add to the general brand image of any business. Medical institutions take a long time to build their reputation. However, when it is done, organic traffic and word-of-mouth advertising work perfectly well together. Therefore, the functionality of call tracking in combination with a powerful customer relationship management (CRM) system provides medical organizations with the ability to build a great business image and steadily increase revenue.

Best call tracking service providers for healthcare

Dialics provides users with an intuitive interface and all the necessary features for effective call tracking. It allows you to create pay-per-call campaigns and IVR menus, as well as provide international phone numbers and call recording. A free trial period is available without restrictions on functionality.

CallRail: CallRail is able to analyze not only phone calls but also web forms. It includes an artificial intelligence for call analysis, which allows users to easily fish out the keywords and use them in the advertisements.

HubSpot: HubSpot is first of all a CRM system, with the feature of call tracking included. It is a powerful platform that is able to automate processes. It adds the calls to the CRM, generates reports, offers an online web chat, etc.

Infinity: This is a cloud-based solution ideal for small and medium-sized businesses. The features are highly customizable and useful for teams located in different places.

How to choose a call tracking solution for your organization?

The choice depends on the requirements of a particular project. You may work for the marketing department of a huge corporation, and your internal CRM system will need some additional features for call tracking. Another situation is a startup with an undeveloped corporate system and a necessity to have a robust solution to handle multiple tasks. Besides, the types of phone numbers are different, as are the payment terms. That is why it is always important to explore the requirements carefully before tackling the selection process.


Healthcare organizations compete for their reputation and for each client just like any other type of business. Call tracking provides medical centers with an opportunity to have a handy assistant in the process of developing and improving marketing strategies. Dialics is an intuitive software with all the necessary features that is easy to learn and integrate into any existing environment. If you feel like giving Dialics a try, do not hesitate to contact our team. We will be pleased to help.

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