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Three Effective Sales Tips for HVAC Companies

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April 9, 2024

Disclaimer: When combined with high-quality service, a robust call tracking system substantially adds to the success of your HVAC business.

Running a profitable HVAC business involves top-quality service for the customers, as well as a relevant marketing strategy. You need to find people interested in your services first, and then make them return to you regularly. If the quality of your work is high, you will provide regular check-ups for your customers, and they will recommend your service to friends and family. Any HVAC company's two major aims are to acquire new clients and to provide additional services to existing consumers. In this overview, we will try to figure out the most important steps for the HVAC business on the way to higher sales figures.

Choose the right marketing strategy

If you are at the beginning of your business, you are probably unlikely to travel long distances around the city. To save budget on the staff’s commute, it is better to limit the area of their availability. It may be a new residential area, for instance, or just a couple of city districts.

Your marketing efforts may include printed flyers with the contact details, a billboard close to the area, or a Facebook target campaign specifying the location of the leads. Offline advertisements are more expensive, but internet ads are more difficult to target. However, adopting call tracking software will give you better control over your money. With pure Facebook advertisements, you get your bill and have no choice but to whine about it. In terms of the call tracking system, you adhere to the most recent analytical data. If the leads are too pricey, you turn off the ad. You may also check the leads' search history and adjust your advertising accordingly, adding new keywords, and so on.

In the case of offline marketing, offering them a tracking number will further indicate their success. You may monitor how many inbound calls originate from printed fliers or billboards in your call tracking account, and you can cease producing them if it is unnecessary.

Improve customer service

To keep the customers coming back, the level of your services should be high and satisfying.

  • Provide the option of a call-back to ensure that you assisted with all of the leads. Then, you will not miss a single client, even if they call outside business hours.
  • A well-structured IVR menu allows agents to automate the routine activities and free them for more challenging tasks. For instance, making an appointment for a regular equipment check-up may be automated.
  • Keep a detailed customer database. You may call them first to arrange the next check-up for the new season or to inform them about special offers. Thus, you will show your care and plan the schedule for the employees in advance.
  • Regularly listen to call recordings to assess the staff’s performance and to understand the most typical requests.

Stay consistent

The difference between a start-up and a long-lasting service is in the attitude towards performance. It is difficult to maintain the enthusiasm of a young business for long. However, if you manage to retain the procedures at the same level, you will build a reputation as a trustworthy partner, which will benefit your long-term success.

Call tracking software like Dialics is a handy assistant for monitoring your marketing performance and improving sales. Its real-time analytics will provide you with relevant data on the current ads and allow you to optimize them.

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PatriciaAugust 9, 2022
Is the customer database reflected in the account?
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How can I have a look at the account?