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Top 5 Benefits of Call Tracking for Home Service

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April 9, 2024

Disclaimer: Call tracking gives home service companies the chance to develop a solid marketing strategy, foster client loyalty, and draw in more qualified leads.

People looking for a moving company, pest control, or locksmith services are most likely to go online and do research. They will choose among the providers located close to them, with the cheapest services offered and probably with a relevant discount system. After scrolling through the results, they will contact the firm and make an appointment. There are interesting statistics about those people searching for home services:

  • Most consumers do not have an exact firm in mind when they start the search.
  • The prices for the ads are increasing proportionally with the prices for the leads. Thus, companies have to spend quite a sum on their marketing strategy.
  • Before deciding on a product or service, customers frequently check reviews. Therefore, the reputation of a company is one of the keys to success.
  • Customer experience plays a crucial role in creating a reputation. If a company provides a high-quality service, customers will return to it to share their contacts with neighbors.

The above-mentioned data can be used by home service companies in the process of enhancing their marketing campaigns and creating catchy advertisements. When a person starts an online search, it is possible to influence their choice and push them to opt for your company. Knowing the cost of a lead allows you to optimize the advertising for less money and keep an eye on your budget. Treat your customers with special offers for placing a review. Provide them with an excellent customer experience to increase loyalty and build brand awareness. Call tracking software like Dialics shows transparent analytical data about the current marketing campaign and becomes a handy tool in business growth.

If you opt to make use of the call tracking software, your home service company will benefit from the following.

More leads and higher conversion rates

In the online account, call tracking software displays analytical data about inbound calls. You will see how many leads come from each of the ads. Let’s say you decide to place a Google ad, create a landing page, and opt for some offline advertising. All three campaigns will be assigned a different virtual phone number. Thus, when people start calling, you will see which of the ads is the most productive. Furthermore, you can either dismiss other channels or optimize the ad wording with more relevant keywords.

Budget control

In the online account you can choose between the option to pay for the converted calls only or for all the calls. You can set restrictions on the daily budget or the number of inbound calls that you are ready to process. Trying various options, you will choose the most suitable and allocate the budget in the smartest way.

Excellent customer service

Your interaction with a client starts the moment you pick up the phone. So, learn to listen to them attentively. You will understand why they are waiting for you. You will be able to make a list of their requirements. The keywords from them may be added to the ads. Besides, you will see the peak hours for the calls and will be able to plan your time or the time of your employees accordingly. Additionally, you may get a thorough picture of a typical consumer and learn how to better interact with them.

Staff assessment

Call recordings will show you not only what your customers expect from your business but will also reveal the level of the staff’s soft skills. You can use the calls to train your staff. The regulations connected with call recordings differ depending on the country. Please consult the data regarding your company.

Improved CRM

A customer relations management system is important for any business dealing with clients. If you keep a customer profile with detailed information about the work performed, the time for the next check-up, and any issues that arose during the service, you will be able to stay organized and reach out to clients as needed. Call tracking software significantly strengthens this system with analytical data regarding the customer’s browsing history and the ad they have come from. Dialics is seamlessly integrated into corporate systems of any complexity.


Home services businesses will always find clients, as people need that help from time to time. But to grow a strong company, you should care about deeper things. Customer experience is crucial in the conditions of fierce competition. The more care you demonstrate, the more pleasant it will be for the clients to come to you. Call tracking is able to help you with that. Please request a demo and the technical staff of Dialics will show you around. We are more than delighted to help.

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HarryAugust 16, 2022
What are the prices for the numbers in different countries?
GünterSeptember 29, 2022
Call tracking is useful for different businesses.