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Tracking Facebook Ads Calls and Conversions

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April 4, 2024

Disclaimer: A combination of advanced targeting and call tracking software enables marketers to increase the number of quality leads.

According to, Facebook has 3.3 million users. That makes this social network a great source of traffic for any business that decides to advertise its products and services there. With the possibilities of Facebook Ads Manager, advertisers and marketing agents can set detailed parameters to grab the hottest leads. However, setting up your ad campaigns is just the first step. To increase the revenue that you generate from your Facebook traffic, you need to track conversions and calls. In this article, we will focus on how to do that right.

Why track calls and conversions?

By tracking your ads’ performance, you achieve two goals:

  • You know your return on marketing investment (ROMI). You invest money in setting up ad campaigns and want to receive as many conversions as possible. As soon as the ad is on, you see the first analytical data in your Ads Manager account. Depending on your goals, you want to make each conversion, be it a registration, subscription, or sale, as cheap as possible. That will guarantee high ROMI.
  • Your Facebook algorithm is becoming smarter. The more conversions you have, the better Facebook understands who your target audience is. Therefore, by actively improving your results, you automatically educate the algorithm to provide the greatest outcomes.

Make the most of your advanced targeting

Facebook allows you to adjust all your ads to meet the requirements of your target audience. But to be successful in that, you need to do deep preliminary research into your market segment. You should know your target audience’s age, gender, income level, hobbies, and interests. The more detailed a portrait of an ideal customer you have, the easier it will be to set the parameters for your potential leads.

Facebook allows the creation of several custom audiences depending on the source of your interaction with them. When you are ready to grow your business, you create a Lookalike audience that comprises people similar to your customers and those already engaged with your company.

Make the most of your advanced targeting

Explore the functionality of CTA buttons

Apart from customizing who will see your ads on Facebook, you can also offer your leads the opportunity to immediately interact with your business. You can do that by adding a call to action button to your ad. For example, you can ask them to open a link, make a reservation, or learn more about your services.

For those businesses that can immediately assist their customers on the phone, a “Call Now” button can be set. In our previous article, we have already touched upon the ways of setting up a click-to-call feature. The “Call Now” option will work well for businesses in the hospitality industry, auto insurance industry, legal firms, real estate, and similar ones. With the possibility to call, potential customers can immediately dial a number and receive a competent consultation, becoming your quality leads and future loyal customers.

How to track Facebook calls?

Facebook analytics available in the Ads Manager will reveal the number of calls and the price for each of them. However, this data may sometimes be misleading. Tapping the “Call Now” button does not necessarily mean there was an inbound call made, but it will be counted as a lead you need to pay for. Call tracking software like Dialics helps to deal with such issues and significantly improve the results of your Facebook campaigns.

After registering an account on any call tracking software platform, you are provided with virtual phone numbers. Apart from local numbers, Dialics offers international ones, enabling you to grow your business without leaving home. You indicate those phone numbers while setting your Facebook click-to-call option. You receive detailed information in your account with the first inbound calls. This information includes:

  • name, income level, and location of the caller
  • duration of the call
  • audio file with the call recording
  • outcome of the call (if it led to conversion)
  • price of the call

With this data at hand, you are able to optimize your campaigns, switch off those not working properly with one click, set new ads according to the new data, and enhance your performance indicators.

Thus, call tracking software strengthens the possibilities of Facebook Ads Manager and can be successfully used by affiliates, marketing agencies, and partners. If you are interested in the tool, you can request a demo to steer away all your doubts.

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