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Virtual Phone Numbers for Business

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April 8, 2024

Virtual phone numbers allow businesses to implement effective communication with customers and among team members quickly and cheaply.

Traditional landlines have a tendency to be replaced with Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) systems. The latest statistics claim that virtual phone numbers are more efficient for any business or organization. In this overview, we will focus on what exactly a virtual telephone number is and how it may help a firm be more effective.

What Is a Virtual Phone Number?

Virtual phone numbers are any numbers that are not tied to a specific location with wires or cables. Virtual numbers are accessible from any device, be it a smartphone or laptop with an Internet connection. To make or receive a call with a virtual phone number, all you need is a high-speed Internet connection and a cloud-phone system that will provide you with numbers.

How Does a Virtual Phone Number Work?

Everybody knows what WhatsApp, iMessage, or Google Voice are today. Virtual phone numbers use the same technology. Businesses do not need to buy any additional devices, implement sophisticated equipment, or even distribute corporate SIM cards to their employees. To connect with your business, your target audience has to have an internet connection on any device they normally use. Internal corporate communication can also benefit from virtual phone numbers.

  • No hardware
  • Low maintenance costs
  • Single interface for any type of business communication
  • No need to be tied to one location
  • Simple integration
  • Suitable for on-premises infrastructure
  • One phone call at a time
  • Sophisticated integration
  • Thorny scalability

Types of Virtual Phone Numbers

VoIP providers offer the following types of numbers:

☎️ Local phone numbers have certain area codes that indicate the geographical location of your business. Local numbers increase credibility in the eyes of the target audience. A company that is "just around the corner" appears to be more trustworthy.

☎️ Toll-free numbers normally start with 800. The costs per those numbers are covered by the enterprises that own them. It demonstrates the image of a huge corporation with a wide international audience.

☎️ Mobile numbers are standard ten-digit numbers. They are also cloud-based and may include the functionality of SMS messaging. They are easily integrated into existing CRM systems.

☎️ International numbers enable businesses to expand their services to other countries and states. The VoIP system has made the scalability issues easily manageable. There is no need to actually change the location if you wish to grow.

☎️ Vanity numbers are dialed with an alphanumeric keypad, i.e., the number contains letters for easy identification and memorization. For instance, 1-800-FLOWERS. Vanity numbers serve as advertisements for your business.

The availability of numbers depends on the provider. Besides, any landline number can be ported to the virtual system. Dialics offers local, toll-free, and mobile virtual numbers in 50+ countries, and the list of them is constantly updated on the website.

How to Get a Virtual Phone Number

To get a virtual phone number with Dialics, you need to take the following steps:

  1. Register an account on the platform.
  2. Pass the verification process and submit your credit card information.
  3. Select the types of virtual numbers you need for the advertising campaigns. Our team will be happy to assist you if you have any hesitations.
  4. Set up your ad campaigns and assign phone numbers to them.
  5. Handle inbound calls and examine the analytical data. Analytics reveal insights about the most productive traffic channel, the best communication channel for the customers, their browsing routes, the keywords they requested in the Google search, and much more.
  6. Optimize campaigns and grow your business.

Benefits of Virtual Phone Numbers for Business

  1. Easy implementation and a short learning curve: Virtual phone numbers are provided by cloud-based solutions. It means you do not need any special equipment to start sharing a virtual phone number as your business contact. Generally, you just have to register online, pay for the services, and that’s it! The technical support of the Dialics software includes assistance in examining the functionality, as well as marketing tools for productive marketing strategies.
  2. Possibility for remote work: Virtual numbers do not tie your company to any office or even country. You can work from home and hire employees from around the world, or you can enjoy traveling and run a business from any place with a stable internet connection. If you consider yourself a digital nomad, take use of the advantages of an online office routine.
  3. Additional functionality: Virtual phone number providers offer a complete toolkit of features for conducting effective marketing campaigns. For instance, an interactive voice response menu can automate part of the phone requests and enhance customer service. Call routing arranges a suitable workload for your agents and guarantees the calls are handled within business hours.
  4. Simple scalability: International numbers allow for international call tracking. You can start as a sole affiliate marketer and with a powerful tool at your fingertips, you can gain experience and gradually expand into neighboring markets. With a digital office and a cloud-based platform for internal communication and operating customer calls, the scalability is cheap and riskless. Besides, you can easily add agents to your team without having to purchase additional equipment for them.
  5. Wide integration: Modern call tracking systems support any popular CRM system. You can have all the contacts of your customers in one place, along with important notes about them. The system is shared with colleagues, and the reports can be viewed. It makes the business processes transparent, easily accessible, and manageable.


If you consider the option of purchasing a virtual phone number for your business, please feel free to contact our team. The advantages of all types of numbers are discussed individually with every new client. Dialics cares about our customers’ safety and their businesses’ efficiency.

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