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6 Ideas for Senior Living Marketing

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April 9, 2024

Disclaimer: Senior living marketing involves a combination of advertising methods to ensure a steady flow of leads and high conversion rates in a challenging business domain for mature adults.

Someone famous once said that society is treated by its attitude towards the young and the old. If we wish to live in a healthy and civilized world, we need to think about all members of our society. Everybody is getting old some day, and we wish to be able to continue leading an active and comfortable life as long as it is possible. People of all ages prefer to live in comfort and consume the conveniences of modern life. Senior living marketing is a sphere of business that is gradually gaining popularity. In this article, we will focus on the importance of developing business in this sphere and provide you with some worthwhile ideas.

What is senior living marketing and why is it so important?

The senior market comprises services and products for mature adults. Those are picky customers as they have great experience behind and mostly know what they are looking for. It is easy to impress them with the possibilities of the new technologies, though it is extremely challenging to teach them how to use those technologies. We all once told our granny how to make a call on Skype and seriously thought one detailed explanation would be enough.

Senior living marketing is important because the products and services offered are usually quite expensive and are purchased for a long time. Therefore, customers and their children are conducting profound Internet research before making a choice in favor of any retailer. Businesses have to develop an elaborate marketing strategy to build a reputation and generate leads that will convert actively, providing companies with steady income.

How is senior living marketing changing?

The world has changed radically with the introduction of the Internet, and senior citizens are no exception here. They probably needed more time to adapt, but they got it. Today, our grannies and grandads own smartphones, text their loved ones in messengers, and know how to order food online. Therefore, businesses should adjust and build an adequate marketing strategy both online and offline. We have made up a list of ideas that can help you out in that process.

Ideas for senior living marketing

  1. Refresh your website: Make your website easily accessible and provide visitors with clear information and instructions. All the CTA buttons should be visible and precise. Make sure your contact details are quick-to-find for the leads to be able to reach you immediately. For the search engines to recognize your website and improve SEO, research the most popular keywords and include them to your articles and pages.Another point connected to a website is a blog. Seniors usually have more spare time, so allow them to relax and read or watch something interesting on your page. Post helpful or entertaining information for them to subscribe and follow your blog. Add catchy videos or interviews with other seniors for them to feel connected with their peers. Therefore, you will contribute to brand awareness and gradually increase interest in your product.
  2. Appear on social media: Generation Z and Baby Boomers do use social media networks. Facebook and Instagram are powerful marketplaces today, so your business should definitely have an attractive account with nice pictures and relevant posts. Besides, you may set up Facebook ad campaigns and start targeting audiences similar to your customers. Refer to one of our earlier posts for details about tracking Facebook ads. Furthermore, you may follow competitors’ pages to see how they organize their marketing campaigns and to learn how to make a difference in the domain. Make sure you are attentive and do not miss a single lead.
  3. Exploit traditional marketing: Word-of-mouth advertising works well among senior citizens, as they prefer real communication to texting. If your business is oriented towards a specific location, let it be a cleaning service, healthcare, or assistance, you may think of printing fliers advertising your company, or developing a street board. Delivering advertising booklets to mailboxes is another option. Residents of the area will quickly spread the word about your service. Provided the customer satisfaction level is high, of course.
  4. Utilize a call tracking system: Call tracking software is an effective tool on the way to improving your marketing strategy. In a nutshell, call tracking is the process of monitoring your ongoing ad campaigns and improving their performance in real time. Therefore, you can track the performance of all the methods of advertising mentioned above.Let’s focus in detail. For instance, you have a landing page, a Facebook “Call Now” campaign, and a bunch of printed fliers for the local mailboxes. You assign each of those a virtual phone number, and when people start calling, you receive analytical data in the online call log. You can see which ads generate the most leads, what your ROI is, and which traffic channel is the most productive by analyzing this data.Besides, a call tracking tool empowers users to have call recordings stored in one place. Those call recordings contain feedback with valuable insights regarding the quality of the product as well as the level of service. By analyzing the information about who calls, you can create a customer profile. You will see where your leads live, what their income level is, and what kind of services they require most often (if you offer several products).Therefore, call tracking software is a turnkey solution for businesses of any size. It is capable of performing the tasks of a whole marketing department and is a must-have if you wish to get the most out of your advertising process.
  5. Improve your CRM system: Keep track of all your customers safely. A customer relationship management system allows companies to keep the contacts of their customers in one place. There, it is easy to group and sort them according to the status, date, or other indicators. Contact details can be used for sending out notifications regarding an upcoming appointment, available bonuses, or special offers. Besides, a CRM makes it possible to see the gaps in customer service by analyzing challenging situations. If you combine a CRM with a call tracking system, your business will be fully armed to grow and increase market share.
  6. Work for your reputation: Reputation consists of many factors. The way you treat your customers is easily traced and it is always reflected in the reviews. Ask your customers to place honest reviews on famous platforms, such as BBB or Capterra. Offer them an incentive for doing so. And make sure you respond to those reviews; it will show you care. In today’s competitive world, customers read reviews carefully and tend to trust them. Praise your customers with gifts or special discounts, and they will be happy to stick to your services.


Any business that caters to the elderly implies additional responsibility as you make something necessary for those who raised us. Senior living marketing should be delicate yet effective. We have mentioned a couple of useful ideas for productive campaigns. Dilaics is happy to assist your company with a powerful tool for monitoring marketing effectiveness. Our technical team is always ready to show you around and clear up any hesitations. Contact us if you feel motivated.

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