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7 Best Education Marketing Strategies in 2024

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April 9, 2024

Educational institutions need a marketing strategy to make sure their classes are full and teachers have a stable lesson schedule. Here is a list of what should be included in that marketing strategy.

Talking about marketing in the context of education is no longer odd. Those who wish to study choose an institution depending on their capabilities and the level of education provided by the institution or school. There is fierce competition among educational institutions as well as among other companies. Therefore, marketing is important for educational institutions for a number of reasons if they wish to have a successful enrollment campaign each year.

What Is Education Marketing?

Educational institutions comprise a variety of schools, classes, and universities that provide educational services for their students. It might be any institution, from a huge university with a wide scope of subjects to a small language school just around the corner. Both of these institutions need marketing methods and tools to analyze the market and be able to adapt the provided services to the customers’ expectations and requirements. Education marketing aims to create a brand for an educational institution to ensure its reputation and a steady flow of students.

There is no need to say that technological advancement is speeding up all spheres of life, including education. The global economic situation also influences modern trends. Let’s analyze the tendencies that will dominate education marketing next year.

Individual approach

Marketers wish to attract leads by offering them unique products and services. The same is true with education as a service. People seeking educational opportunities are looking for tailored approaches. Detailed segmentation of the target audience is the key. Designing the best-quality content and providing excellent customer service eventually lead to conversions. Use personalization in:

  • email marketing, sending different types of letters to existing and new students
  • landing pages, offering different services for international and native students
  • various types of ads, targeting different segments of the audience.

Please note: Currently, Google and Facebook try to steer clear of analyzing customer behavior and stalking potential clients on the web. Therefore, you should create tailored content of excellent quality without being intrusive. Take it as a challenge for the year 2024.


With the wide choice of online and offline education opportunities on the market, customers wish to make a smart decision. Providing them with the advantages of a course is half the deal. Students need payment security, such as a full refund in case of quality issues or flexible payment options. Allow your future students to select the most appropriate payment method to be sure they are making the right choice.

Lifelong learning

This tendency inspires marketers to target a wider audience. One career for life is no longer attractive. People are looking for new opportunities at any age. Experts in the domain note an uprise in the popularity of non-degree courses, which means more people are interested in education, and the market is growing rapidly. Use this data to design different advertising campaigns and increase the scope of your potential customers.

Technology in education

Students are looking forward to new technological developments in the learning process. Artificial intelligence, virtual reality, online platforms, and chatbots have already become our reality. Those technologies not only improve students’ performance while learning but also enhance customer satisfaction. Implementing cutting-edge possibilities makes your business competitive and attractive to students.

Education Marketing Strategies in 2024

  1. Design for perfect visibility

    Any possible request is dealt with online today. A website is the face of any business. It should contain valuable information about the services provided, as well as contact details and an address. Place the testimonials of the students or influencers who have dealt with your organization. Make sure the SEO is optimized and provides steady organic traffic. Offer several contact options: an email, a phone number, an online chat, and a link to social media.Besides, any website of an educational institution should contain valuable free content. It will significantly improve the reputation of the business. Show your potential students your caring attitude, and they will be pleased to bring their money to you. Video content is gaining popularity, so adding a few video tutorials or interviews with experts will be an advantage.From a technical point of view, provide excellent UI/UX design and mobile compatibility, as a modern website should be responsive and well-performing on any device or browser.
  2. Explore social media possibilities

    A website is not the only way to communicate with potential clients. Most of those interested in any kind of education are young people or progressive parents. They all use social media networks that have already become powerful marketplaces. Explore the functionality of your business accounts on Facebook and Instagram to attract more of your potential target audience. Luckily, today it is possible not only to like an appealing post but to request a call back and even to call immediately if you are interested in the services of an account shown in the news feed.Partner with micro-influencers. They have responsive audiences, and people trust their opinions, so finding a blogger who supports your values and can recommend your course to their followers might bring you a bunch of warm leads.
  3. Monitor the performance of your ad campaigns

    Creating a cutting-edge website is a good start. Investing in developing landing pages and advertising campaigns on various platforms is also worth trying. However, you should be aware of what you pay for. In other words, you should know your cost per lead, the number of generated leads from each ad, the most productive traffic channels, and ways to enhance your marketing performance.There are various tracking tools available online today that can provide you with the above-mentioned data. If you encourage your clients to call you first and to arrange an offline meeting or to ask for a phone consultation, you should pay attention to online call tracking software. With the help of those platforms, you can assign a virtual phone number to each of the ads and receive analytical data when clients start calling. Besides, those platforms assist you in setting up pay-per-call campaigns. With those features at hand, you will feel secure about your marketing budget, and, more importantly, you will be able to make instant changes to the ongoing campaigns and immediately track the results.
  4. Participate in offline events

    Education is communication. Talk to your competitors and all other stakeholders. Arrange meetings for potential students, organize training sessions for teachers, and take part in various online or offline forums of educational institutions. Be active online, and your brand name will become familiar later. Learn about different events organized in your location and apply for participation. You will probably not earn anything, but word-of-mouth advertising will be launched, which is very important for the organic flow of traffic.
  5. Adapt to reality

    The experience of the coronavirus pandemic has shown us that we have to be ready to adapt to changes as fast as possible. It is a must-have skill for any viable business in the modern world. Educational institutions had to adapt quickly, too. Therefore, flexibility is a crucial condition for business viability. Explore the functionality of online messengers, video conferencing platforms, and other virtual systems for organizing working routines.
  6. Increase customer satisfaction

    Keep your clients' comfort in mind during the whole interaction with them, from the initial call through the conversion. Design an IVR menu with the possibility of a callback. It will help you not only see all the inbound calls but also add to the convenience of the callers, minimizing the on-hold time for them. If you provide services in several countries, make sure you have the option of selecting a language.
  7. Build your brand awareness

    Clients’ honest reviews play a significant role in the process of choosing an educational provider. Think of an incentive for your students to place a review on popular platforms. It will attract similar audiences.Consistently work on the above-mentioned points, and you will gradually build your brand awareness and make your brand name a sign of quality. Customers trust those who have managed to show their competence once. Stay persistent and focused, and success will find you.


Education is the art of creating intelligent and respectful businesses. There are many pitfalls on the way, but diligent efforts will eventually pay off.

Dialics call tracking software is ready to become a reliable assistant in the process of creating marketing campaigns and monitoring their effectiveness. Please contact our team if you have any questions or hesitations.

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