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5 Reasons Why Educational Institutions Need to Use Call Tracking

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April 9, 2024

Disclaimer: Making an institution more appealing to potential students involves more than just having a high level of education; other variables include customer satisfaction and a well-thought-out marketing campaign.

The process of searching for an educational institution to study at is not a simple thing. It entails thorough investigation of the schools that are accessible, the programs they provide, the tuition costs, etc. Parents and prospective students pick a provider very carefully.

In the modern world, the first thing you do when you are looking for something is a Google request. Students tend to look for prospective study possibilities online. Therefore, educational institutions, in their turn, have to carefully design their websites and landing pages to make them attractive to potential students and their parents. Besides, there should be various options available to allow leads to contact the institution. And here is where a call tracking solution may come in handy.

Call tracking software allows marketers and advertisers to monitor their advertising campaigns, control promotion budgets and establish productive communication between the institution and students. Let’s focus more precisely on how call tracking may help an educational institution become more attractive to potential students

  1. Increase enrollment rates.

    Excellent teaching staff and a long history of spotless reputation will definitely guarantee an institution a steady flow of young people striving to become students. However, if an institution is quite new and has just started its business, call tracking will come in very handy. The same may concern private children's schools and kindergartens that are interested in high enrollment. Typically, they begin their enrollment campaigns in the summer, bombarding social networks and marketplaces with ads and squandering a fortune on at least some high-quality leads. Call tracking means there are no more guessing games. You can track each of the campaigns, receive real-time analytics, and find out the price per lead, as well as the most productive traffic channel, so you will be able to optimize campaigns and invite more clients.
  2. Know your customer.

    Analytical data shows the ad that generates most of the leads. Apart from that, it reveals where the leads are from and which keywords they inserted in the Google search. This is possible due to dynamic number insertion (DNI). This method of tracking calls allows marketers to monitor each lead separately, providing even deeper insights about the target audience, their customer routes, income levels, and the treatment they are looking for. The better you understand your clients, the more efficiently you are able to set your campaigns. As a result, more potential clients will come across your ads and make the decision to contact your institution.
  3. Monitor marketing budget.

    Call tracking provides users with important information about which traffic channels are the most effective and which ad campaigns generate more leads. With this data under their belt, marketers can switch off the ads that are useless or too costly. Also, it is a good way to test several channels and decide which of them works best for your particular school.For example, if most of your clients choose to attend your classes because of the location, printed fliers delivered to the mailboxes will work effectively to attract more of them. If your language school targets young people, social media pages will be the best way to familiarize them with your business.You may thus develop a readymade, completely prepared marketing strategy that will save you money and bring clients by examining the results of the present efforts.
  4. Improve communication.

    Communication is the key in the sphere of education. Students inquire about the studying process; parents inquire about their children's performance and attendance. The easier those conversations are organized and held for the participants, the better it is for your image.There should be several convenient ways to contact your institution. It may be an email, a phone number, an online chat, or a channel on social media. Call routing and interactive voice response systems are able to connect callers to the required departments faster, ensuring they do not waste time and receive competent help.
  5. Enhance customer satisfaction.

    If your clients are happy, they will come again and bring their friends. A school or a university is probably not a place people tend to return to, but customer satisfaction is not less important in this sphere of business as it will guarantee an organic flow of students each enrollment period.The functionality of any call tracking solution enables businesses to create a detailed profile of potential customers, to analyze the results of campaigns and save money, as well as to improve the communication process between an institution and students or their parents. All those points add significantly to the positive image of a company and ensure its profitability and steady growth for the future.


Education is the sphere where a flawless reputation is a vital key to success. While you are in the beginning, starting to promote any type of educational service, call tracking software will become your reliable assistant. It is capable of improving marketing strategies and creating effective advertising campaigns. Dialics is ready to help with your initiatives. Analytical data, smart call routing, call recording, and other powerful features will increase your performance and allow you to get valuable data about your marketing and advertising campaigns. Contact our team or request a demo for further details.

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