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All you Need to Know about Call Tracking for the Automotive Industry

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April 9, 2024

Disclaimer: Call tracking entails several crucial benefits for the automotive industry and enables firms to succeed.

Though it may sound surprising, people still tend to talk on the phone with each other. We have studied the popular tendencies in modern business communication. While Zoomers and Alphas favor talking and texting as primary modes of communication, automotive business should not be stressed. Those who buy cars today or call to learn the details about the insurance terms are older in age and old-school in their preferences. As a result, vehicle dealers have more time to adapt to technology than other company fields. That is why call tracking is still efficient among the methods of advertising.

The pay per call option also works best for the automotive industry. If a person calls your showroom, they are likely to visit it. Typical customers of the showrooms are busy people with high incomes who do not like to waste their time. They know exactly how much of both time and money they are ready to spend.

What is call tracking?

A businessman planning to buy a new car usually knows the exact make and model of it. That’s why these clients dial the number of a well-known showroom. A person looking for better conditions for their vehicle insurance will most likely turn to Google. A driver in need of a regular check-up for their car may stumble across a paid ad or a banner on a social networking site. What do those three customers have in common? It is easy to track them with call tracking software, study their browser customer routes, and utilize the received data to find more of a similar target audience. All those goals may be achieved with call tracking.

Call tracking is a method of monitoring online and offline ad campaigns. A person, be it a business owner or a hired affiliate, registers an account on one of the call tracking platforms. Then, they purchase virtual numbers and assign them to the ad campaigns. Those may be online ads, banners, etc., or offline flyers, billboards, TV commercials, and so on. When a potential client dials the number from the ad, they are connected to the company, and the analytics about the call are immediately reflected in the account. The analytics include the length of the call, recording, search request, keywords, outcome, etc. This data is then used for the optimization of the campaigns.

Why should the automotive industry use call tracking?

  • To monitor ad budgets: Big and successful businesses never play guessing games. The analytics of the call tracking software allow companies to see their costs, to know how much every lead is, and to be able to plan their budget. Car dealers and insurance firms do not lose their budget and plan the marketing strategy in advance.
  • To study the client: Call tracking platforms help to create customer profiles. Exploiting the software for some time, you will know where your clients are from, what income level they have, what keywords they use, and what they are looking for in your product. With this information at hand, it will be easier to develop eye-catching and lead-generating ads.
  • To provide excellent customer service: By setting the automatic routing, you can direct calls to the exact departments of your holding without delay. Your services become available 24/7, and if customers call outside working hours, you can set the call-back option for them to not miss a single lead. Interactive voice response allows you to customize the greetings, to provide agents with valuable information from the whisper calls, and to make your clients loyal.
  • To train and get better: Call recording service is the perfect source for practice. Use them as case studies in staff training. Your agents and dealers will learn how to sound polite and competent, without being too pushy. Higher conversion rates will become the logical result of the well-trained team of experts.
  • To grow: Call tracking software is usually available in many countries around the world. Buy virtual numbers in several countries and expand globally. Make sure your agents speak the same language as the callers and set the option for choosing a language in the IVR tree for the convenience of the customers.


Call tracking presents great possibilities for businesses in the automotive industry to mature, enhance, and grow. The data about the inbound calls shows the gaps in the current marketing campaigns and the ways for modification.

Dialics offers powerful functionality for a reasonable price. Our team of experts is ready to assist 24/7. If you are hesitating, you can take advantage of a free trial period and make the final decision slowly and thoughtfully.

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