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Best Practices for Using Call Tracking Software in Sales

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April 9, 2024

Call tracking software can identify bottlenecks in marketing initiatives and provide valuable insights into how to boost sales.

The process of selling a product is not limited to designing an ad and demonstrating it to the target audience. It also includes compiling detailed customer profiles, understanding customer needs and expectations, as well as profound knowledge of the keywords for ads and banners and awareness of the most productive traffic channels.

Call tracking tools enable marketers to find all the above-mentioned information easily and use it for the optimization of their marketing strategies. Call tracking provides businesses with crucial data, which is extremely important for successful performance.

Marketing and sales departments should cooperate to improve results and meet goals. Call tracking software can become a unifying tool for the experts to know where to apply most of their efforts and where to save money.

What is Call Tracking?

Call tracking is the process of assigning your ads, online banners, and any type of offline advertising to virtual phone numbers. When customers start calling, businesses know which ad generated a call, get demographic data about callers, and listen to call recordings for further analysis. The information regarding the inbound calls is stored in the account. It can be downloaded and shared with the team. Such a cloud-based solution allows marketers to work remotely and evolve from a sole entrepreneur to a fully functioning marketing agency.

Here are the most important and common features of any call tracking system:

Traffic source identification
Call recordings
Transparent money flow
What it provides
You know which of the campaigns generate the most leads. It allows for smart budget allocation and precise targeting.
You listen to your agents’ performance and decide if they need soft skills training, script updates, or staff rewards.
You get what you pay for. Conversion rules can be configured separately for each campaign, allowing you to select the optimal strategy while controlling costs.

Advanced functionality may include various attribution models, dynamic number insertion, conversational intelligence, voicemail, SMS, and others. With those features, you will monitor the behavior of the customers on the website, check if the CTA buttons are visible, enable clients to use different communication channels, and synchronize the data among them.

How Call Tracking Helps Increase Sales

  1. Proper audience segmentationCall tracking shows the most productive traffic channels. Thus, you can learn where your target audience is: if they prefer to scroll the newsfeed of any social media, click on paid banners, or come from printed flier delivery. Commercials on television and radio are both costly and ineffective. However, language schools, tourist organizations, and other types of enterprises use these channels as well.Apart from the data about where your potential customers are, you can also understand who they are. With the geographical location, age, and gender of the customers, you can segment them, offer them relevant products, and carefully guide them through the marketing funnel. To sell well, you need to know exactly who you are targeting.
  2. Increased ROISell more while investing less. It rarely happens that a business agrees to invest an unlimited budget in marketing and advertising. It means that the money should be spent wisely to get the best results, even with restricted opportunities. With call tracking, it is easy to stay inside the lines, as all the analytical data is transparent. You can see how much you pay and what you pay for. If you are not satisfied with the results of any of the ad campaigns, you can immediately switch them off with a single click.
  3. High conversion rateCall tracking shows if customers are satisfied with the service they receive. It is clear from the length of the conversations. Besides, this data is analyzed with conversational intelligence and provided through customer surveys after the call. IVR menus and smart call routing contribute to high conversion rates. Clients like to get assistance quickly and from competent staff. Instant call transfers to the experts foster high levels of satisfaction.
  4. Competent staffClients return for proper service. Call recordings allow for fast and effective staff evaluation. It helps to motivate the team, implement mentoring and coaching programs, and increase customer satisfaction. Real-time phone conversations can be used as training material to learn from colleagues. Another advantage of call recordings lies in the possibility of examining the speech of the customers and fishing out frequent keywords. The best way to learn something about a product is to ask those who have used it. In this case, developers will know where to go further in the development process, marketers will optimize ad campaigns, and the team will demonstrate competence and expertise.
  5. Convenient online workplaceInternal and external communication are essential for good sales. It is important to implement smooth cooperation between departments as well as with customers. Call tracking software provides its users with cloud-based accounts. Therefore, the team can work remotely. Convenient working conditions motivate agents to perform more efficiently, resulting in more deals closed. Transparent analytical data that is easily retrieved and shared among parties ensures that insights are assessed on time and immediately implemented for optimization.

Tips on How to Choose an Appropriate Solution

  1. Immediate call tracking and recordingYour solution should deliver immediate analytical data. The recording feature enables performance evaluation and in-depth market study. Make sure you comply with the regulations regarding call recording and personal data protection.
  2. Detailed analyticsAnalytical data should include traffic source, demographic information, geographical location, call length, conversion conditions, payments per minute, and agents handling the calls.
  3. International virtual phone numbersAt some point, you may decide to probe neighboring countries. It would be nice if your provider was able to offer you international phone numbers. You will have the opportunity to expand easily with a familiar tool.
  4. CRM integrationCustomer databases are important for the proper arrangement of business processes. CRM systems allow for retaining clients and offering supplementary services.
  5. Price and reviewsIt is always beneficial to look through the feedback of real users before purchasing. Use data from reputable review systems such as Crozdesk, G2, and Capterra.


Dialics is a call tracking system that provides its users with the opportunity to monitor their advertising campaigns and plan marketing strategies. It includes extended functionality for call routing and IVR. If you are interested in the product, feel free to contact our team. They will schedule a demo session for you to clear away all your hesitations.

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