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Call Tracking in the Financial Services Industry

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April 9, 2024

Disclaimer: A powerful call tracking software will increase the sales of your products or services and help you become more effective.

Financial products and services are among the most complicated. The choice of them and the necessity to make a decision can be frustrating for the average consumer. Hardly ever do we make a choice on a mortgage, loan, or a new insurance plan without any external help. Thus, phone calls and video consultations are among the most popular methods of contacting a financial advisor. How can advisors use this fact to boost their sales and conversion rates? The answer is by exploiting a call tracking system.

How does call tracking work?

It makes no difference how large or little your company is. You may operate a bank or work as a marketing professional in a bank's marketing department. You might work for yourself and offer banking, accounting, or auditing help. You might be a mortgage or loan officer. When it comes to money, people prefer reliable experts and high-quality service.

Imagine a person looking for a loan. This person will most likely ask Google something like “Online loans” or “Quick personal loans”. Among the top results, a person clicks a random link and appears on the website of your firm. Unfortunately, the terminology on the site is too complicated, so the person decides to make a call. However, an employee on the other end of the line is preoccupied with another client and places our lead on hold. How long do you believe the individual will listen to the soothing classics? Keeping in mind that this is the first contact with your company, not that long. The customer is most likely to hang up and never come back to your site.

The saddest thing about the above-mentioned situation is that this particular customer was totally interested in the service and desperately needed assistance. It was a hot and high-quality lead ready for conversion. A missed opportunity? Indeed, it is.

Call tracking software allows businesses to monitor their marketing budgets, see the results of the ongoing campaigns, modify them instantly, increase sales and conversions, and provide clients with excellent customer service.

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The benefits of call tracking for financial businesses

A happy customer is a returning customer: When the choice of similar products is great, the decision will be made based on the customer’s experience. If you wish to have a steady flow of content customers, provide them with excellent service.

  • The information about each inbound call comprises the customer profile. You can learn where the caller is located and what keywords were requested in the browser. Thus, you understand the pains and needs your customer wants to deal with.
  • Setting up automatic routing and IVR allows you to direct the call to the particular expert. This is especially important if you deal with several services. A person looking for a loan will speak to one agent, a person with a question about insurance terms will be sent to another specialist. The process will be automatic, so nobody will lose time. We have touched upon the details of wise customization of the IVR tree in this article.
  • Setting the possibility of a call-back solves the issue of calls outside the working hours. It is also a good option if the agent answering the call is not sure about the request. It is better to take your time, study the issue, and get back to a client with a competent reply later than to waste time on hold trying to come up with something smart. Time is precious.
  • Explore the call recordings regularly. They provide priceless insights about the needs of the clients and can be used for staff assessment and training.

Mind your money: Call tracking software like Dialics provides users with instant analytics about inbound calls. It is obvious that financial firms know how to deal with money, so they will definitely appreciate the transparency of the data in the call log. The information includes the duration of the call, destination, status, and price. You can opt to pay either for converted calls or for all inbound calls. The settings allow you to limit the number of calls per day, which is convenient for financial advisors, who work as sole entrepreneurs, to make sure they handle all the calls. The functionality of Dialics blocks spam and fraudulent calls, so you do not pay for them. The best thing for a big enterprise is that the interface is very intuitive and the system is seamlessly integrated into the existing corporate environment, so the staff will learn quickly.

Do not miss a single opportunity.

With call tracking software, you can see ALL of the calls in your account, including those that were taken, missed, spammed, or blocked. This is possible due to the dynamic number insertion (DNI) system. This system means that each person visiting your landing page or stumbling across a banner will see a different phone number. Thus, each caller is assigned a unique customer route, which makes it easy to analyze the target audience and get in touch with high-quality leads. As a result, you can call back if you feel there was a mistake or the call was missed due to connection issues. More benefits of DNI are described in the post.


The reputation in the financial sector is hard to grow and maintain. However, with time, a reliable firm enjoys customer loyalty and does not need to invest in promotion. To achieve such results in the future, it is important to invest in working tools in the present.

Call tracking software holds a bundle of benefits for any type of financial organization and becomes a reliable assistant in managing marketing campaigns. Dialics opens up the opportunities for easy monitoring of ad campaigns, steady growth of the target audience, and a community of loyal followers. Register an account online and explore the functionality during the first seven days for free.

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