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Five Reasons Why Your Hotel Needs Call Tracking Software

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April 9, 2024

Disclaimer: Call tracking not only improves the marketing strategy but also contributes to the high reviews from the guests.

Any hotel, be it a huge 5-star grand or a small family-run guesthouse, is lucrative when it is full to capacity. The hotel’s sales and marketing teams should cooperate in their efforts to work on an efficient marketing strategy. Marketing experts design ad campaigns and attract leads, while the sales team should do their best to convert those leads into loyal guests.

Inbound call tracking software is a well-known tool for monitoring marketing initiatives and enhancing revenue. The analytical data received after each inbound call is used to optimize the performance of both marketing and sales. We have compiled five crucial reasons for using a call tracking system in any hotel.

1. Sharpen your marketing efforts

The main goal of any call tracking system is to monitor the ongoing ad campaigns. There are various advertising channels available today. You will only know which is best for your hotel if you test them all. With call tracking, it is easy to do and the results will be at your fingertips in no time. The system behind that is called Dynamic Number Insertion (DNI). It is a short line of code that you specify while you set up campaigns. Every person visiting your webpage or interacting with your paid ad will see a different phone number. Therefore, you will receive a complete customer journey for every lead, from the moment they Google a request or follow a link on a landing page to the moment they decide to make a call.

In the call log, you will see the keywords the leads used in the requests. Those keywords are perfect triggers for lead generation, so you can optimize your ads with them. Besides, you will see the data on how much of the marketing budget is spent. You can set limits on the number of inbound calls or restrict the sum of money spent on the minutes of calls. Thus, there are various ways to set up your money spending and monitor the budget accordingly. The nicest part is that there is no guessing game involved. The metrics are clear and real-time, allowing you to make any modifications that are necessary.

2. Visualize your target audience

All people like traveling. However, targeting such a wide audience is a deadlock situation. It is good to make a customer profile even before launching any ad campaigns. However, call tracking may contribute to the understanding of your clients’ needs.

For instance, senior travelers will most likely come across your ad in the printed press, while listening to the radio, or watching their favorite TV show. Offline campaigns are generally more expensive, but elderly people enjoy talking on the phone, so provided your agents have excellent soft skills, they will be able to convert those calls.

Younger travel-goers have a different taste for holiday making. Check that your website runs quickly on any device and that the UI is responsive and easy to use. You have only eight seconds to draw the attention of a younger audience to your resting spot. Young travelers prefer texting, but ensure you have a clear-cut IVR menu and a call-back option enabled so as not to lose those hot-tempered leads.

Families tend to book their holidays long in advance. Thus, you may start introducing your brand in late December or early January for them to get back to normal after Christmas celebrations and take on new issues.

If you run an international hotel chain, add a multilingual IVR menu and personalized greetings for callers. It will significantly increase the level of customer service and add to your business’s reputation. Explore the pricing terms that Dialics offers numbers in.

3. Assess your staff

Call recording is an excellent way to perform an evaluation of your staff and provide them with real cases to practice on. Any controversial issues may be marked in the call log to get back to them later. This feature can also be used to assess the performance of the receptionists and to make a list of the most common inquiries to further improve the service. The best way to improve any product is to listen to those who have used it. So, get the most out of the conversations with your guests.

4. Keep a well-structured call history

The call log contains the data about the inbound calls, the keywords requested in the Google search, as well as the status of each call and the agent that operated the call. With this information at hand, it is always possible to get back to the leads and take them back to the marketing funnel. You may give them bonuses or discounts for the following season, ask for a review, or address any existing difficulties.

5. Enhance your corporate systems

Dialics call tracking is seamlessly integrated into existing corporate systems. Empower your internal CRM with call tracking, Google analytics, and the possibility to share data among the departments, automate routine processes, and enjoy running a smoothly operating system.


There are several dangers in the hospitality industry that each hotel owner would want to avoid. It is tough to attract customers to the hotel, and even more difficult to maintain them for at least a couple of seasons. Furthermore, unfavorable TripAdvisor reviews may ruin a reputation in an instant. Call tracking software like Dialics is able to deal with at least part of the issues connected with productive marketing campaigns and high customer satisfaction levels. If you have concerns regarding our product, please contact our team and they will be happy to assist you.

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AnonymousJuly 1, 2022
Do you provide a free trial period?
ArieOctober 20, 2022
Call tracking has really helped me to decrease the lead prices.