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Why Does Restaurant Business Need Call Tracking?

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April 9, 2024

Disclaimer: Determine who will dine at your restaurant in order to attract more of the similar guests.

Unfortunately, certain restaurants tend to close faster than you decide to book a table there. Running a restaurant is one of the most competitive industries. There are several explanations for this. The most obvious is, of course, the quality of food. However, offering great cuisine is not enough to be a successful restaurant owner. There are a dozen other important factors that should be considered, such as the level of service, a clear image of the target audience, the right location, the right brand positioning, etc. We are not going to teach you how to cook like Mr. Gordon Ramsay in this post, but we do have a few suggestions for dealing with other critical success aspects.

Call tracking software is a well-known method of monitoring your marketing efforts and getting the best out of them. People tend to call a restaurant to book a table in advance. Those calls are opportunities for the restaurant owners to explore their customers and receive insights on how to enhance their position in the market.

Call tracking implies assigning each ad with a virtual phone number that potential restaurant-goers see and dial to reserve a table. When the calls are performed, as a manager of the call tracking account, you receive analytical data about those calls that includes:

  • geographic location of the caller
  • demographic details about the caller
  • the advertisement the caller has come from
  • the duration of the call, date, time, and status
  • call recording

Why is this information crucial?

  1. You will receive a complete customer profile. With it, you know where your customers live, how much they earn, and what they expect from your services. Now, you know how to meet their expectations.
  2. You figure out the most productive ad campaign. If people do not call, something is wrong with the ad. You can either switch it off or optimize it with more keywords, for instance. In this case, you will save money and get more high-quality leads.
  3. Always listen to call recordings. People always tell you what they like or dislike about the restaurant. You should be attentive to hear it. Furthermore, call records give data for staff performance evaluation.
  4. By counting the number of inbound calls during the day, you will understand the peak hours of the restaurant and know when extra personnel is needed and when you can save money.

Other possibilities of call tracking for restaurants

A powerful call tracking tool is not only about transparent analytics. There are many other important features that restaurants may benefit from.

  • Interactive voice response comes in handy if you have a chain of restaurants or several other facilities for the customers apart from catering. In this case, IVR helps you connect callers with a desired department in no time. You can read about the peculiarities of setting an IVR menu in this article.
  • Call greetings will add to the general positive impression of dealing with your business.
  • International numbers can be used if you have restaurants in several countries around the world. You can customize ad campaigns from the same account and monitor the results while physically staying at one place.


Call tracking reveals gaps in a restaurant’s marketing strategy and may help the business become more successful and work to capacity every night. Assuming your crew is capable of preparing delicious dishes. By knowing your audience, you will be able to offer an excellent customer experience and inspire your clients to come again and tell friends about your place.

If you have any further questions, please address our experts in the chat. They will be pleased to show you around.

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