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25+ Top Pay Per Call Affiliate Tools and Programs

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April 10, 2024

Disclaimer: Our list of solutions contains some effective tools for affiliate marketers to make their daily routine more productive and less time-consuming.

Affiliate marketing has become popular in recent years and seems to be with us for quite some time in the future. The benefits of working from any place with an Internet connection and being your own boss speak for themselves. However, affiliate marketers have to demonstrate strong skills of self-organization and time management. There are many helpful tools and solutions that can assist in the process of arranging work routines. We have prepared a list of powerful tools worthy of attention for affiliate marketers and partners. Some of them are totally free; others offer additional functionality for a license.

Traffic sources

Traffic source tools are used for managing the productivity of your ads. They help track your current ad campaigns, optimize them, and make them generate more leads.

Google Ads

We start from the most obvious and easy-to-get ones. Google Ads is a convenient tool for creating online advertising campaigns. It includes a variety of solutions, a user-friendly interface, and any imaginable type of advertising campaign. The process of creating an app is fast and intuitive. It entails creating an account, identifying a target market and a spending limit, as well as including appealing headlines and keyword mentions. A campaign goes live online once it has been paid for.

Bing Ads

This is similar to the Google Ads solution from Microsoft. The ad campaigns are visible to users of the Bing web search engine. In comparison to Google's 6.9 billion daily searches, Bing receives about 900 million daily searches, according to BrightEdge data. With these figures, it could appear pointless to rely on the traffic from Bing. However, you should be aware of all potential traffic sources if you want to generate as many high-quality leads as you can.

Microsoft Ads

Facebook Ads

Facebook has already become a powerful marketplace for all imaginable types of products and services. When you have already gained some experience, it is possible to create ad campaigns, add target audiences, and set look-alike audiences. Numerous firms have made extensive use of the option to build up pay per call campaigns in order to collect leads and only pay for effective conversations.


This is a pay per click advertising service provided by Yahoo! It is also known as Yahoo!Advertising and, most recently, as Yahoo!Native. In the late 90s, Yahoo was the first company to introduce a pay per click model in the late 90s. That further developed into pay per call. Yahoo Native is the marketplace that combines native advertising and search into one platform. They have websites and publishing alliances with ESPN, ABC News, Apple News (in select regions), and MSN, among others.


Taboola is an advertising company and teaser network from New York, USA. It has been in existence since 2007. It provides a wide range of capabilities, such as interactive analytics, behavioral alerts, and A/B testing. There is an exchange of audiences. Premium placement is possible up to Bloomberg.


Outbrain is a platform for native Internet advertising that has been in existence since 2006. The main content format is sponsored. There are major websites, such as the Washington Post, ESPN, CNN, and the Guardian.


The company was originally established in Ukraine, but achieved success in the USA and gained international status. Native advertisements are posted by Mgid on websites and blogs. Even Lexus counts among the local clients.


A network that focuses on suggested content For instance, you have an interest in contemporary apparel. So, relevant content on this network will be sponsored by premium showrooms. The service has been operating since 2013.

Microsoft Ads


Marketing professionals might gain insightful information from analytical tools about their advertising strategies. Monitoring the analytical data makes it possible to identify loopholes that hinder the present advertising from producing the anticipated number of leads and dramatically increase how well they operate.

Google Analytics

This is a widely used, free, and reliable service from Google. It monitors any activity happening on the site. It is possible to set up the marketing funnel, track conversions, monitor users’ behavior on the site, develop custom reports, and share them with any partner.

Google Tag Manager

This is a practical device that can help with coding. Without the assistance of a trained coder, it enables SEO experts to add tags to the website and keep track of users' activities.

Adobe Analytics

This is a tool with similar functionality to Google Analytics. Users can create tables of any structure with various dimensions, metrics, and segments in real time. With the help of various types of graphs, it is convenient to create reports and dashboards, which can then be shared with colleagues in PDF or by email. The automated process of highlighting gaps in the performance of any metric significantly facilitates the tasks of a marketing department.

Microsoft Ads

Yahoo Analytics

The site owner, developers, marketers, and product sellers can use the service to create generic account tracking and automate the reporting process. Users can determine marketing indications and pinpoint the site's shortcomings using the data the application provides. Yahoo Web Analytics provides indicators in the form of graphs and charts in real time.


This tool provides advertisers with in-depth analytics regarding the customers’ behavior on the site. It enables users to determine the buttons that are not working or underperforming. Hotjar assesses the general interaction of the users with the site and pushes to relevant improvements. A handy feature is separate analytics for different countries, devices, and browsers.

Microsoft Ads


This solution allows marketers to analyze not only their own site but also the sites and the performance of their competitors. It is possible to determine the keywords that lead customers to the site and to trace the ad campaigns that generate the most traffic. Besides, users can see examples of the most effective ads. The application helps users to develop actions to enhance the effectiveness of marketing tactics and gain a thorough understanding of the site's limitations.

Microsoft Ads


Ahrefs is a solution similar to Semrush. However, it gains more scores for the analysis of the links and the possibility to download huge reports. For example, it is possible to download around 100 lines and to further examine this information in Excel. The Ahrefs API can be integrated with various services for more thorough analysis and research.


This solution offers a deep analysis of the keywords. Users get the data regarding the top domains, business rankings over time, and links that helped them to get there. The metrics allow marketers to track various types of devices. Spyfu enables marketers to set productive PPC campaigns and improve the SEO indicators.


This is a call tracking solution that enables users to track the performance of their pay per call campaigns. Dialics provides marketers with virtual phone numbers that are assigned to both online and offline ads. As soon as leads start calling, the analytics show the most productive channels, as well as keywords and customers’ journeys. The functionality allows users to widen their business network by adding agents to the account, therefore contributing to the affiliate marketing business’ growth.

Website builders

The following group of solutions are used for creating online content, websites, and landing pages. The common requirements for them include responsiveness, modernity, and user-friendliness. Customers should be motivated to explore the site and to set it out from the competition.

Google Website Builder

These days, Google seems to have a tool for every need. More complex tools will likely be used by seasoned users. However, free Google solutions are perfect for limited resources and to learn the intricacies of the processes. A website builder from Google allows users to quickly design a website without any coding. Additional free Google tools assist in the process of further business development.


This is a handy tool for those limited in time and resources. It offers many turnkey samples that can be easily combined to make a complete advertisement. There are various tools and ideas; it is possible to work with videos. Canva Pro creates possibilities for more complex and original designs.

Microsoft Ads


Creating a single landing page, a single-page application, or a collection of pages for a complete sales funnel all require the use of the next two solutions. Visual effects can be made using the drag-and-drop tool provided by ClickFunnels. In addition, it hosts domains for websites, allowing users to register newly built sites on the same system. Other capabilities include split testing and conversion tracking.


Leadpages also boasts a drag-and-drop visual editor. In addition to the features of the previous solution, it is possible to implement a countdown widget on the single-page application and an automated SEO editor. However, the functionality of Leadpages allows users to create only landing pages, which makes it cheaper in comparison to ClickFunnels.

Microsoft Ads


Customer relationship management systems are huge solutions for dealing with a wide scope of activities related to interactions with customers. These involve a database of the customers’ contact information for sending them newsletters and any important notifications. The CRM system contains all the data regarding all the conversions, purchases, reactions to additional products, etc. It is a must-have tool for any business.


Hubspot is an advertising management and tracking software. On this platform, users can create ads, monitor their performance, and share reports. The functionality allows for automated targeting through adding leads to target audiences. Hubspot manages ad campaigns on all modern social media platforms. It analyzes customers’ behavior. Hubspot offers both a premium plan with more specialized duties as well as free functionality for fundamental requirements.

Microsoft Ads


This system claims to build excellent relations with customers. The functionality is very broad. It even includes solutions for migration, deployment, and training the staff. Zoho offers various pricing plans depending on the features a business is looking for. The Zoho CRM system operates as a single repository that combines sales, marketing, and customer support, as well as optimizes the processes, policies, and people on one platform.


The name of this CRM speaks for itself. Pipedrive is designed for pipeline management. Therefore, if a business is interested in managing ad campaigns, this tool is probably not suitable. But it is excellent for managing the process, from generating a lead to signing an agreement. Pipedrive is very intuitive, and marketers will never lose any data regarding interactions with a client, status updates, and other relevant details.

Microsoft Ads


This solution is focused on a campaign. It provides a workflow for automated email marketing and sales with clear success measures. The tool may make adverts produce leads. There is no way to get immediate reports or analytics, however, many businesses do not require it.


Salesforce CRM is a sizable solution that offers a variety of options, such as generating leads, streamlining and accelerating operations, and gaining insightful information in real-time. In addition, there are numerous additional useful technologies that can be integrated, including those related to analytics, cloud computing, sales, and marketing. There is undoubtedly a learning curve to get acclimated to all the functions, and you might have to wait a while to obtain technical support.


The drag-and-drop editor, extensive library of email templates, and extremely user-friendly interface of MailChimp make it popular. However, it lacks features for automation and split testing. A limited number of features are mentioned by users for tracking and targeting campaigns.

Microsoft Ads


The functionality includes tracking, email and form builders, split testing, and landing page builders. Users mention restricted design options in the reviews. The system is integrated with Facebook, Shopify, and Woocommerce.


Drip asserts to be the first e-commerce-specific CRM solution ever developed. Companies may better understand what their audience is doing when they interact with the brand thanks to this customer relationship management solution. The evaluation of purchasing intentions, automated workflows, and email personalisation are a few of the ground-breaking capabilities. Any relevant form of email setup is simple with Drip. Multi-channel marketing implies the possibility to connect with clients via social networks, landing pages, postcards, and text messages.


There is an incredible variety of tools accessible for affiliate marketing. The choices differ in terms of costs, features, and objectives. Every organization is different, thus before beginning the process of choosing a solution, it is vital to carefully examine the needs to comprehend what the firm anticipates from installing a new tool.

If your business is interested in the possibilities of a call tracking system, Dialics is ready to help. A free trial period will demonstrate if it is really something you are looking for. Do not hesitate to contact our team. We will be happy to assist you on the way to commercial success.

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