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Top 3 Reasons Why Insurance Companies Should Use Call Tracking

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April 9, 2024

Disclaimer: Insurance providers should use the functionality of call tracking software to increase their performance.

Signing an insurance contract is a troublesome event. Customers are looking for the most suitable conditions, so they are ready to do a deep Google search and spend quite some time on finding the best terms. Besides, when they find something worthwhile, they are likely to call and make an appointment. That is why businesses in the insurance industry should take advantage of call tracking software. Especially taking into consideration the general trend of increased interest in the insurance area.

Call tracking platforms usually include functionality, such as instant analytics, call routing, call recording, as well as interactive voice response, the opportunity to track international numbers, and others. All those features allow marketers and advertisers to achieve their goals in terms of lead volume, lead pricing, and customer happiness. Let’s figure out what the benefits of call tracking are for insurance companies.

Customer profile in-depth

Any product implies a particular person who will appreciate it. For instance, the auto insurance industry targets mature adults who count their money and care about the value of things. Senior people think about health insurance more than the youth. Specific domains such as insurance for rare and antique things and works of art will be of interest to the wealthy upper-class society. The better you know your customer, the easier it will be to sell your products to them.

Call tracking provides users with the following information about the people who are interested in your services:

  • location, age, and income level
  • the ad that they came from
  • the browsing story from the moment they googled a request

When the call is performed, there will also be data about the duration of the call, the outcome, the destination that received the call, etc. With those details at hand, users may compile a portrait of a typical customer and know how to address them and push them to make an insurance purchase.

Increased conversions

When people call insurance agencies, it does not always mean they will come around to sign a contract. To convert as many leads as possible, insurance vendors should offer high-quality service and improve customer satisfaction. Setting a well-designed IVR menu can contribute to that significantly. If you offer several types of insurance contracts or provide additional services to your customers, an IVR will quickly connect your callers to the particular department. Whisper messages to the receiving agents will provide them with necessary information and they will be better equipped to talk. Make your phone consultations as efficient as possible, and your clients will be delighted to deal with you and bring their money to you.

Budget control

Businesses are trying to get back to normal after the crisis connected with the coronavirus pandemic. The insurance industry is not an exception here, so saving budgets could not be more relevant. With transparent analytical data revealing the costs per lead, you can decide how to assign the sums. For instance, you may choose to limit the number of inbound calls per day. This is a smart idea if you are a sole entrepreneur. The opposite option is to set a daily expense limit. In any case, you will monitor your budget. Furthermore, you can try to optimize current campaigns to achieve cheaper leads or switch off unproductive ads.


A clever marketing strategy combined with effective call tracking software may propel your insurance company to new heights. Choose the proper tool with care and study all of its useful features. Dialics is capable of enhancing sales and improving customer satisfaction. A free trial period will help you get used to it.

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