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Best Time to Cold Call

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April 8, 2024

Disclaimer: Cold calling is a method of building new connections with potential clients and partners. If used smartly and combined with other marketing tools, it will provide a business with high-quality leads.

Making cold calls is a method of attracting new customers to your product or service. It is the process of calling people who have never had any interaction with your business before. If you are dealing with a B2B business domain, you will call other businesses and offer them a partnership. If your product is B2C, the aim of the cold calls is to find high-quality leads interested in purchasing your goods.

Advantages of cold calling

Although cold calling is considered to be intrusive and occasionally leads to irate customers, it remains one of the working tools for generating prospective leads and conversing sales. In combination with other marketing techniques, cold calling is an effective and reliable strategy.

  • Cold calling is an opportunity for the business to demonstrate its personalized approach. Agents listen carefully to the leads’ expectations and show the effectiveness of the product to deal with them.
  • Cold calling reflects the agents’ expertise. It is possible to describe a product or service in detail on the phone, provide tips on how to better use it, and guarantee money back if it does not satisfy the customer. All those details build trust in your clients.
  • If the time of the call is not convenient, agents may ask for an email to send the information about special offers and other bonuses. It may also become a way of subscribing to a newsletter if the lead agrees.

Best times to cold call

According to various research studies conducted by statistical platforms and other channels, there are some time periods that are considered to be the most effective for making a cold call. However, those slots are not universal and greatly depend on a particular situation.

Best working hours

  • At the end of the workday, after 4 p.m., people wrap up their activities and are less likely to be in the process of doing something important.
  • Another idea is to cold call before the lunch break, around 11 a.m. The explanation is the same. Employees and business people finish up all important meetings and plan to unwind a bit.
  • Avoid calling before 10 a.m., as many corporate issues are discussed at that time. People plan their activities, deal with administrative tasks, answer calls, and respond to internal messages. A busy person is not disposed to talk about non-related issues.

Best days of the week

  • Wednesdays and Thursdays are viewed as the most appropriate days for cold calling. At the start of the week, people are overburdened by the amount of work they have to complete. However, they are not too worn out to work toward a weekend.
  • Mondays and Fridays are notorious for successful business communication. The beginning of the working week is usually a hectic time for businessmen. They have to figure out how to process tasks during the week.Therefore, new pieces of information may be perceived worse and even irritate them. Friday is the time to anticipate the weekend, which is also a bad time for developing new business networks.

Other factors

  • Make sure you consult the time zone if you are calling leads from a different state. The worst cold call is the one beeping at night.
  • Learn the busy seasons of the business industry you are dealing with. The holiday season, for instance, is hot for realtors and travel agencies. When people are busy with current tasks, they are not eager to start something new.
  • The end of a fiscal year appears to be a very favorable time period for making cold calls. At this time, most of the projects are finished, and the budget is being allocated for the next year with some leftover sums that may be spent on an interesting deal.

Tips for the best cold-calling experience

  • Understand your counterparts: Learn about the target audience and create their profile. First, you should know everything about their common work hours and the best time to call. Second, you should be on the same wavelength. If you are going to call people from the banking sphere, for instance, surf the net in search for the latest trends or simply news in this sphere. Therefore, you will demonstrate a personal approach and show that you care about your clients. Third, it would be great to know the common interests of your leads, their income level, and typical “pains” that will help you develop a trusting attitude.
  • Use a script: Create a plan for the talk. Enumerate various questions that you can ask to address a problem and to offer a solution to it. Consider the questions that might be asked of you and the best method to respond that will persuade without being overly wordy. Explore the relevant keywords and add them to your speech. Remember to use a script as a guide, do not read it while on the phone. Otherwise, your speech will sound unnatural.
  • Be friendly: Imagine you are talking to a friend. Listen carefully and ask questions. Do not be pushy or impolite. You shouldn't pressure someone into making a purchase right away. Even just sparking a little interest in them would be beneficial.
  • Implement additional programs: To be successful at cold calling, you should keep track of your interactions. Choose a convenient CRM system to keep the contacts in one place. Utilize call tracking software to monitor advertising campaigns and fish out keywords and customer profiles. Call tracking is a handy tool for monitoring ads that empowers sole entrepreneurs to grow their business network steadily.

Wrap up

To become an expert in cold calling, make sure you know the industry you deal with perfectly well. You should know who you are going to communicate with and what you can help them with. You should choose the best suitable time to call, so as not to interfere with their daily routine and to ensure they are ready to listen to you. When you establish contact, demonstrate your perfect expertise and willingness to help your interlocutors with your product or service. Rely on your personal soft skills, enroll in various training programs, and exploit supportive tools to arrange your working schedule.

If you are interested in the potential of the Dialics call tracking software for managing your marketing efforts, please do not hesitate to contact us. We are happy to answer any inquiries from our followers and make cold calls warmer.

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