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7 Myths About Virtual Phone Numbers You Need to Know

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April 9, 2024

Virtual phone numbers open a wide range of possibilities for the marketing needs of any business. It is a mistake to avoid using them because of the myths connected to them.

Call tracking is a popular marketing tool for business domains that imply much phone communication with customers. Call tracking software is a must-have tool for your marketing and sales departments if your adverts say "Call us now" or anything similar. We mention marketing AND sales because it is critical for both divisions to work together. However, there are many myths and misconceptions about virtual phone numbers that are used in call tracking. Read further to learn more about virtual tracking numbers and how to employ cutting-edge technology to archive your marketing goals.

Call tracking, in a nutshell, is the process of assigning your advertising campaigns virtual phone numbers. When potential customers start calling, you receive analytical data in an online account. The data regarding the productivity of your ads, combined with transparent costs and relevant marketing metrics, allows for precise optimization of the marketing campaigns and steady business growth.

Now let’s dive deeper into the facts that are considered risky about virtual marketing.

Myth #1: Phone and call tracking software are expensive.

The price of the software depends on the number of available features. In general, depending on the goals you want to achieve, you can choose an affordable option. Also, virtual phone tracking numbers represent a cost-effective solution for businesses of all sizes. It guarantees a high ROI as analytical data demonstrates the expenses transparently. Marketers see exactly how much they pay for their marketing efforts and how productive their campaigns are. According to Invoca, 82% of marketers believe that insights from inbound calls and call experiences uncover costly blind spots in their organizations.

Myth #2: You need advanced technical skills to set up and use call tracking numbers.

Setting up cloud-based software is hardly more complicated than customizing a separate server and connecting thick cables to it to enable your team to talk on the phone. Besides, wires and cables have to be maintained, which also requires a certain budget.

Virtual phone tracking numbers can be set up and managed using a simple web interface. The process does not take longer than a couple of minutes. As a rule, you just register an online account, pay for the selected numbers with a credit card, and that’s it. Settings can be easily configured and changed. Most solutions include a trial period for clients to test the tool's capabilities.

Myth #3: Tracking numbers are only useful for businesses with large marketing budgets.

Virtual phone tracking numbers can be useful for businesses of any size. They can help small businesses expand their reach and provide better customer service. Any business needs a way to communicate with clients, be it a tech provider, home services provider, car rental service, or health insurance agency. You can start with a limited budget, monitor your costs, and use the insights from inbound call analytics. Besides, customers appreciate being well treated. Call tracking software allows for better customer service.

Myth #4: Call tracking numbers are illegal.

This is not true. Virtual phone numbers are legal and commonly utilized by businesses and individuals alike. Normally, they are offered by call tracking providers with the functionality of call tracking software. They can also be bought from VoIP companies. The most well-known platforms are Google Voice, MightyCall, and Grasshopper.

Myth #5: Tracking numbers are not GDPR-compliant and violate data privacy laws.

Virtual phone tracking numbers do not pose a threat to privacy as long as they are used ethically and responsibly. There might be privacy concerns, especially if you deal with sensitive medical information or provide loyal assistance to your clients. Norms and regulations regarding disclosing that data over the phone differ from country to country. In most cases, however, you just need to notify the caller that the call is recorded for quality assurance purposes. It is possible to record and store callers’ personal information for internal use. Virtual phone tracking numbers are meant to be used for legitimate purposes and should not be used to spy on individuals without their consent.

Myth #6: I will need to change my phone number if I start using a tracking number.

This is not true. You can port your existing phone number to a call tracking system. You can also use only virtual phone numbers for online advertising while keeping your actual business phone number for internal purposes. Call tracking providers offer their users a variety of numbers, so you can choose the type that works best for your marketing purposes. Vanity numbers, toll-free numbers, and local numbers are all available for call tracking. Decide the results you wish to get with your marketing strategy and select relevant types of phone numbers.

It’s the other way around. When used correctly, call tracking can boost SEO. With call tracking numbers, you will have the opportunity to trace your customers’ routes on the website, carry out A/B testing, and identify the most productive traffic sources. Those insights allow you to fine-tune your SEO processes and generate high-quality leads. Dynamic number insertion allows for more sophisticated attribution models and deeper analysis as a result. Learn more about call tracking and SEO in our post.


Businesses of all sizes and domains utilize virtual phone numbers. There is a wealth of useful information available online to research before diving into call tracking marketing. The key benefits of call monitoring include a better understanding of your target audience, the best traffic sources, and money flows.

Dialics offers its users a wide range of phone numbers and powerful advanced functionality. Read our blog to learn more about the possibilities of call tracking.

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