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DNI is the method of tracking your inbound phone calls. While creating an ad campaign, a short JavaScript code snippet is added. It allows leads to see a unique virtual phone number in your ads and allows marketers to follow the whole route of a lead from googling a keyword in the browser to dialing a number. As a result, marketers and advertisers are able to optimize campaigns, make them more productive, and better understand clients’ needs. It becomes easier to anticipate consumer behavior and provide them with the precise service they require.


Increased performance visibility

DNI allows marketers to see and understand more details about the performance of ongoing advertising campaigns. The results of the campaigns can be easily analyzed and compared, providing marketers with the potential for further improvements. Companies utilize this data to get rid of unperforming ads and focus more on productive ones.

Better resource allocation

With the information containing the most efficient ads and those underperforming, marketers and advertisers may allocate budgets more effectively. Upon determining the best traffic channel, they may choose to create more ads or landing pages there while dismissing the campaigns that simply blow the budget away.

Improved reporting

Analytical reports become more detailed with the implementation of the DNI. Companies may analyze the behavior of each particular lead and share the results in the form of Excel reports with all interested parties. As a result, the ideas for further improvements to the marketing strategy will be shared and accepted collectively.

How does dynamic number insertion work?

With the DNI technology implied, every new lead who notices your ad banner or landing page sees a different virtual phone number. When the number is dialed, it is reflected in the analytics with a unique identifier, allowing marketers to analyze every inbound call separately. The dynamic number insertion capability offered by Dialics is known as "number pools" (NP). The sum of many numbers is called a pool. The script chooses an available number from the pool when a call is made. As a result, each session has a specific phone number associated with it, and the Dialics account receives the session's analytical data. DNI displays the leads' search patterns as well as their page-by-page navigation of the website. With the use of this information, it is possible to predict consumer behavior and optimize ad campaigns accordingly.


How to set up dynamic number insertion?

Step 1

Step 1

Create a new pool of numbers in the section “Numbers”.

Step 2

Step 2

Attach a newly created pool to the campaign in the section “Tracking Numbers”.

Step 3

Step 3

Get a JavaScript code snippet to add it to your website or landing page.

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