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What is a First Time Caller?

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April 9, 2024

First time callers provide businesses with strategic data regarding planning marketing campaigns and segmenting the audience.

A first time caller is someone calling your business for the first time. Such a call is a decisive moment for both sides, as, depending on the service obtained, a caller chooses either to become a client or not. The sales and marketing departments of the company use the data from the first callers to optimize and fine-tune advertising campaigns and sales strategies.

Why Should a Business Keep Track of First Time Callers?

Some businesses prefer to differentiate between first time callers and repeat callers. It is done for tailoring advertising campaigns, setting precise targeting, and selling a variety of products.

Dynamic number insertion (DNI) and several attribution models provide in-depth study of customer behavior and browsing paths. With the help of the DNI, it is possible to monitor the journey of a customer from the Google search results to the pages of the website. It is a great opportunity to learn the keywords that customers react to and see if the CTA buttons perform well. Furthermore, the DNI feature successfully implies A/B testing of web pages.

Campaign-, session-, and visitor-level attribution models also enable marketers to analyze their customers' habits and come up with ideas of how to attract similar audiences.

First Time Callers in Dialics Analytics

Dialics is a call tracking platform that allows marketers and advertisers to check the performance of their campaigns, apply immediate changes, and gain insights.

New users have to pass the verification process and register an online account on the platform. The software offers its users several types of virtual numbers:

  • Local: potential customers trust businesses that are located nearby more.
  • Toll-free: transmit the image of a powerful enterprise ready to cover the costs of the calls.
  • International: you can expand your business to neighboring countries without having to change a physical location.
  • Mobile: use the numbers of local mobile operators in your ads.

After purchasing the numbers, users set up the campaigns. The settings include specifying the name of the campaign, the country of the inbound calls, traffic sources, and the rules for call forwarding, if necessary. Additional options include call recordings, spam filters, repeated call filters, business hours, IVR, and others.

Further analysis of the inbound calls and first time calls happens in the reporting tab of the online Dialics account. There, users can see aggregated analytics, including marketing metrics, payouts, statuses, and call recordings.

The Dialics platform is critical for marketers in obtaining and securely storing data on inbound calls. The analysis of this data is crucial for enhancing the performance of both the marketing and sales departments. In-depth scrutiny of calls, callers, keywords utilized, and call timing enables businesses to make significant determinations regarding their operational processes.

How to Analyze First Time Calls

The caller experience has to be carefully analyzed to gain valuable insights. The process can be performed in two ways.

Qualitative approach

This method implies thorough listening to call recordings. Managers and team leads listen to callers’ requests, note down the keywords they use, and pay attention to the general tone and mood of the conversation. Such an approach allows for segmenting the audience and creating detailed profiles of first time callers. It can also provide hints regarding customer service levels and product improvements.

Quantitative approach

This way of examining the analytical data is less time-consuming. It involves studying the demographical data (time, duration, location of the call) and call attribution data (the source of the call, website interaction, etc.). As a result, marketers will be able to:

  • identify the most productive traffic channels
  • tailor ad campaigns to clients’ expectations
  • add catchy keywords to the ads
  • enhance the website's user experience


First time callers contribute vital information to any company. They allow you to determine whether the product is in demand, who the target audience is, and which traffic sources are best to use. As a result, evaluating and storing first time callers is critical and beneficial.

If you are interested in the Dialics platform, feel free to contact our team. We would be happy to assist you in your marketing strategy.

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