What Is Earnings Per Click (EPC)?

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April 8, 2024

Disclaimer: Maintaining a high EPC indication demonstrates an affiliate marketer's proficiency and offers them the highest commissions.

Affiliate marketers earn commissions by bringing high-quality leads to their clients. An expert affiliate marketer is able to quickly probe the market, find out the most productive traffic channels, and earn good money for fast results. The speed comes with experience and excellent knowledge of assisting tools and programs. In the Dialics blog, we have touched upon email marketing and conversions. Today, we will focus on such an important metric as earnings per click.

What is Earnings Per Click (EPC) in affiliate marketing?

The EPC metric stands for the money you make with every click on your link, banner, or any other type of online advertising.

How to calculate EPC?

To know your EPC indicator, you should divide the total number of commissions you earn by the number of clicks on the link.

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Therefore, if you have earned $100 from an affiliate link after 50 clicks on it, your EPC metric equals $2. Normally, a marketer deals with several campaigns at the same time, so it is not necessary to choose only the links with the highest EPC. Maintaining a high EPC indicator demands a careful marketing strategy, and we will concentrate further on the methods of improving this metric.

Why is the EPC metric so important?

The EPC is crucial, as it provides affiliates with information on how profitable their ads are and how much they can potentially earn with every new campaign. This is especially understandable when comparing the EPC indicator with the CPC, or cost per click. The latter shows how much you spend on advertising, while the former shows how much you earn with it. As long as the EPC is higher than the CPC, you are on the right track.

One more important thing to know is that when the traffic sources increase, the EPC metric tends to decrease. So, the more traffic sources you attract, the lower your EPC will seem. However, the conversion rate may go up, so it is not a trigger for radical changes. Make sure you know your EPC, but take it with a grain of salt.

How to improve the EPC of affiliate marketing campaigns?

  1. Get your abandoning visitors back.: The method of demonstrating an engaging pop-up to the visitors who intend to close the tab with your website has proven to be effective. The pop-up should be eye-catching and contain a CTA button. The best thing about those pop-ups is that you interact with organic traffic and push your active leads toward new conversions.
  2. Exploit floating bars on the website.: This is another method of dealing with a warm audience while saving money on paid ads. Let’s assume your visitors are interested in the content of your blog. After 10 seconds of reading, they are shown a pop-up with an offer to buy the product described in the post. Therefore, you do not increase your CPC, but the EPC does rise.
  3. Develop your blog and enrich it with affiliate links.: According to recent research, blogs generate up to 40% of affiliate publisher commissions. Thus, people do read quality content and base their decisions about a future purchase on the blog posts. So, learning SEO practices and investing in developing an expert blog will pay off tenfold in the long run.
  4. Use email marketing.: Sending emails to your audience is another effective method of getting clients involved in your website activity. Add affiliate links to the emails and increase your EPC indicators. Make sure you know how to reduce the email bounce rate and increase conversion rates. Regular communication with customers makes them trust you more.
  5. Monitor the results regularly.: Sky's the limit for perfection. Setting the processes right is not the whole deal. You need to regularly recheck the metrics, optimize campaigns, and improve the results. Test different traffic sources, employ A/B testing in developing catchy pop-ups, study the reviews, and motivate your clients to share feedback with you.


If your business implies frequent phone calls from potential clients, you may be interested in the possibilities of call tracking software and setting up pay per call campaigns. The functionality is sufficient, and the learning curve is quite short. Please contact our team for more detailed information.

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