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Get more BOOKINGS WITH ADVANCED call tracking

Get more clients with Dialics

Analyze the customer's profile to learn their preferences and likes and optimize the ad campaigns accordingly. Use the proper keywords to attract more leads. Make your hotels booked to capacity even in low season.

Find missed calls from paid ads

All the information about taken, missed, or blocked calls is stored safely in the call log. Look through the details and call back in case there was a mistake or bad connection. Make sure you do not lose a single lead.

Decrease cost per lead

Assess the ratio of marketing investments and the number of received calls. Switch off the campaigns that are too pricey with one click and improve the others. Decide for yourself how much you are ready to spend.

Boost bookings and Encrease revenue with CALL tracking

The functionality of Dialics enhances the marketing strategy of the following businesses in the travel and hospitality industries:
Travel agencies
Travel Agencies

Know where to find your most high-quality leads. Probe the traffic channels by creating several ads and determining the most productive with analytical data.


Customize the routing and IVR settings to connect the dwellers to the hotels in the desired locations. Record calls to train your staff and perfect their soft skills.


Use the call-back option to not miss a single lead. Explore the functionality of the “Call Now” feature on Facebook to attract more party animals.



  • How does Dialics call tracking work?

    You purchase virtual numbers (toll-free, local, mobile, or international) and assign them to your ads both online and offline. In your call tracking software account, you may change the parameters for each campaign. You pick the destinations, whether to record calls, the payment terms, and so on. When the customer calls, you immediately receive the data in the account. It includes whether the call was taken or missed, the length of the call, the location of the caller, and the customer’s route from the Google request. Using this valuable information, you can further improve your campaigns to achieve better results.

  • How can I improve the conversion rate with Dialics?

    You can track the analytical data about inbound calls and switch off the campaigns that do not generate enough quality leads. You can turn back to the missed calls and not take into account spam or fraudulent calls. By focusing on the quality leads and providing them with competent service, you will increase conversion rates and sales.

  • Is it possible to improve the customer experience?

    Any call tracking software is able to improve customer experience, provided its functionality is fully and carefully used. Call recordings contain a lot of information about customers’ needs and desires. You need to learn to listen to them attentively and use the data further. You can also use the recordings to train your staff. Besides, a well-designed IVR tree directs each call to a competent expert without time delays. Polite greetings and the possibility to choose the language also add to the overall favorable image of your services.

  • Which numbers does Dialics provide?

    Users can choose among mobile, local, international, and toll-free numbers. International numbers are available in 50 countries around the world. The pricing details can be found at this link.

  • Is it safe to use Dialics call tracking for travel agencies?

    Dialics is trusted by various businesses, as well as the travel and hospitality sector. Dialics strictly follows the requirements of data security and complies with privacy regulations. Dialics has received Privacy Shield and TRUSTe certification. It accepts two-factor authentication as well as SAML. Dialics protects your data and the personal data of your clients.

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