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10 Best Strategies to Improve Your Phone Call Marketing

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April 5, 2024

Disclaimer: Improving the way agents interact with the target market over the phone results in higher conversion rates and increased revenue for the company.

Call marketing has a long history. With the unspeakable popularity of online businesses, text messengers, and Zoomers as a new demographic who prefer to purchase goods and services fast and with minimum interaction, there are still customers who fancy talking. Call marketing must therefore adjust to reality and improve client-handling techniques. We've compiled a list of practical suggestions for boosting call marketing productivity in this overview.

Plunging a bit into history, we find out that telephone marketing first appeared in 1957 with DialAmerica Marketing Inc. Telephone marketing refers to a form of direct marketing. Agents reach customers over the phone and keep track of the results. The process is rather simple and informative. A list of customers ready for conversion is compiled by the end of a working day. On the flipside, however, there are talks with irate customers. In 1991 and 2003, the Telephone Consumer Protection Act and the Do Not Call registry supported the interests of the recipients as the calls became intrusive and irritating. Those regulations restricted the hours when people could be called. From then on, recipients could ask for the removal of their phone numbers from the number listings.

With time, cold calls proved to be less productive. Today, call marketing involves inbound calls from those looking for a solution to deal with their request. Those calls are easier to handle as the callers are already interested in a product or service offered by your business. Call marketing includes tools to deal with calls generated by various types of ads, as well as tactics and methods to talk to callers and lead them through the marketing funnel. The audience who is ready to listen and make conversions over the phone is wide. That’s why call marketing should not be overlooked when choosing a traffic channel for the target audience.

To get more leads for the business, agents dealing with inbound and outbound calls should follow the mentioned below pieces of advice.

Stay closer to your audience

Make sure you provide your potential customers with a way to quickly get in touch with your business. No matter which advertising channel you choose, assign each of them a phone number and a “Call Now” option. We have described the details of creating such ads on Facebook in this post. Consider your customers as extremely busy people who would rather push a single button to reach you than browse the website for contact information.

Look into the call attribution types

Marketers can gain a better understanding of how customers find their company by using call attribution. Additionally, it displays how visitors move throughout your website and offers ideas for future campaign optimization and even website upgrades. Call attribution enables marketing teams to understand their costs, conserve marketing funds, and guarantee a consistent stream of motivated leads.

Analyze the conversations

Learn to hear and listen to what your customers are saying. Even when they are irritated, you can gain valuable insights about what things need urgent attention. You may find that your agents lack competence, logistics should be improved, or your product probably has to acquire additional functionality to meet all the customers’ requirements.

Constantly optimize your campaigns

The sky's the limit to perfection, they say. Utilize the insights you get from the attribution models or call recordings with customers to add more relevant keywords to your ads, or create a more detailed customer profile and set the audience you wish to target more precisely. Invest in productive ad channels and switch off those that blow your budget.

Improve the caller experience

When potential customers call, they want to get help immediately. Allow them to quickly connect to a competent expert or a required business department, avoiding long on-hold periods. Companies exploit various types of call routing for that reason. Call routing allows employees to be more productive as their working hours are taken into consideration when setting the routing plan. An interactive voice response system enables businesses to pass several tasks to a virtual assistant, automating processes and freeing the real employees for more challenging activities. So-called whisper messages provide agents with information about the source of the ad and the service a caller is looking for. Those messages are not heard by the callers, but they are very helpful for the employees.

Therefore, call routing, IVR, and whisper messages enable the staff to be more productive, resulting in high customer satisfaction levels.

Train your staff

Organize workshops and seminars for the staff to study the call scripts and to listen to real interactions with customers on the phone. Improve their soft skills to boost productivity and job satisfaction.

Create a well-coordinated marketing environment

Dealing with customers implies utilizing various tools and programs to facilitate the process. Make sure the CRM system your company uses integrates seamlessly with call tracking software, customer datasets, cloud technologies, etc. The whole system should operate coherently to achieve better results.

Utilize reliable call tracking solutions

Modern call tracking systems can enable your company to set up advertising campaigns, track their results, implement call routing features, and use conversation intelligence software. Some modern solutions allow businesses to expand globally with international virtual phone numbers. The choice of the available software is overwhelming, so any company should clearly understand its expectations and budget resources to make a relevant choice.

Stay on top

The digital world is changing rapidly. Regularly update your expertise to stand out from the competition. Arrange meetings with top experts; read blogs; follow your rivals to keep up-to-date with modern tools and tendencies. You can look through the list of the most popular programs in this post.

Build brand awareness

Even over the phone, your customers should feel like they are working with a trustworthy provider. The first conversation is the only chance to make the right impression. Work on building your brand to familiarize customers with your business. Use offline and online types of ads, arrange live meetings, participate in the events related to your business domain. Make your most devoted consumers brand ambassadors by staying in touch with them. Customers will recognize your brand name and anticipate having a good experience doing business with you if you create a marketing business strategy that addresses all areas of customer interactions and continually analyze its performance.

Dialics call tracking software is a complete solution for marketing affiliates, advertisers, and complete marketing departments of any-sized enterprises. The functionality includes different types of call routing, call analytics, international phone numbers, and much more. A free trial period allows companies to explore the features closely before making a decision.

If you feel like trying Dialics, please contact our team. Our technical support experts will be glad to show you around and answer any questions you may have.

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