Get The United States Virtual Phone Number

Use the virtual phone numbers in the USA to obtain trust and win customers’ loyalty. Assign a local number to your company to seem closer to the target audience.

Customers’ trust
Remote work
Increased profit

What is a US Virtual Phone Number?

Virtual phone numbers look like any other local phone number. The best thing about them is that you do not need any devices or SIM cards to receive inbound calls. Only a reliable Internet connection and an online account with a call tracking platform are required. The numbers are stored in the cloud, and users can set any destination for them. Therefore, your business can be physically located in any place, but your clients from the USA will think they are calling their home country. People will have more faith in your offerings as a result, and your company will gain more loyal customers. With virtual phone numbers, you can extend your business to any geographical location.


How Can a USA Number Help Your Business?

Establish a local presence

Become a member of the community with a local phone number. Local phone numbers are easier to remember and customers tend to trust them more. Those who prefer texting can send you messages and expect to have a timely response as local numbers presuppose the same time zone and regular business hours. While remaining in your current location, explore the global market to obtain a better understanding of the target market.

Build trust with your customers

International holdings are hard to reach. With USA virtual numbers, your company can get closer to its target market without having to open a new office. Clients will not be alienated by international calls or messages. Implement a multilingual IVR menu with greetings in several languages to increase customer satisfaction levels and show your care for the customers.

Use all the features to boost your sales

The Dialics call tracking platform provides its users with a complete toolkit of turnkey functionality. Impress your callers with a multilingual IVR menu. Set several destinations for the virtual phone numbers to create convenient working hours for the staff. In the analytics, discover the productivity indicators of current advertising campaigns. Optimize your campaigns in real time to make them generate more high-quality leads. Explore your target market by analyzing the location of the callers, the keywords they type in the search, and the customer’s journey through the pages of your website.

Investigate Business Opportunities in Different States

Easy Porting

If you already have virtual phone numbers with any other provider, you can easily switch to Dialics. Please contact our technical team for more information.

Port Numbers

Why Should You Sign Up for a US Number through Dialics?

Virtual phone numbers

Dialics enables your business to roll out globally without much risk. Purchase international numbers to probe the neighborhood markets

Call Forwarding

Optimize the working schedules for the agents to increase their productivity. Allow your callers to reach your company at a convenient time.

IVR System

Automate the most common requests with the help of a virtual assistant. Establish the image of a reputable international holding company.

Call Recording

Assess the performance of the agents and provide them with real case studies for soft skills training if necessary.

Call Analytics

Analyze the performance of the advertising campaigns and optimize them with relevant keywords and adequate targeting in real time.


Learn more about the browsing routes of your potential clients to know how to attract more of them and increase customer satisfaction.


How to Activate Your Virtual Phone Number in the United States?

Step 1

Step 1

Create an online account on the Dialics call tracking platform. It will only take you a couple of minutes.

Step 2

Step 2

Specify your credit card details. You will be charged for the monthly fee only after the trial period expires.

Step 3

Step 3

Look for the available virtual phone numbers in the search and start creating your advertising campaigns immediately.

Contact us for professional guidance

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